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“We go, Colorado!” he said.  “We go, my son, to new worlds, to a new life.  May a blessing be upon them, as my heart feels there will be.  Behold, my friend, the ways of God, very wonderful to men of the sea.  I come up this river, with what thoughts in my heart?  Partly of curiosity, that I see the place where my mother, long dead, was born, came to her womanhood; partly of tenderness for her memory, regard for her wish; partly, also, for anger at the villain brother, my uncle, and desire for revenge, for my rights.  I come, and I find—­a child!  A brother for my present life, a son for my age, a friend for my heart!  Living upon the sea, Colorado, a man has much time for thought; the sea speaks to him, the sky, the wind and wave.  What is the word they say, each and every one, in the ear of the sailor?  ‘Glory to God!’ That is it, my son.  Let us give thanks, and begin with joy our new life together!”

Down the river!  The banks fade into shadow, the breeze sinks away, but still the tide flows free, and the schooner slips along like a spirit.  Now comes up the white fog, the fog out of which she came gliding that first morning; and it receives her as a bride, and folds her in its arms, and she melts into the whiteness and is gone.  Was it all a dream?  Or does there still come back to us, faintly borne, sweetly ringing, the song of the sailors?


  For-ev-er and for-ev-er I—­o,
  For-ev-er and for-ev-er boys, A long time a-go.


The Hildegarde Series


***Next to Miss Alcott’s famous “Little Women” series they easily rank, and no books that have appeared in recent times may be more safely put into the hands of a bright, intelligent girl than these four “Queen Hildegarde” books.


By Laura E. Richards.  A companion to “Queen Hildegarde,” etc.  Illustrated from original designs.  Square 16mo, cloth. $1.25.

A new volume in the “Hildegarde” Series, some of the best and most deservedly popular books for girls issued in recent years.  This new volume is fully equal to its predecessors in point of interest, and is sure to renew the popularity of the entire series.


A story for girls, by Laura E. Richards, author of “Captain January,” etc.  Illustrated from original designs by Garrett (292 pp).  Square 16mo, cloth. $1.25.

“We would like to see the sensible, heroine-loving girl in her early teens who would not like this book.  Not to like it would simply argue a screw loose somewhere.” Boston Post.


A companion to “Queen Hildegarde.”  By Laura E. Richards.  Illustrated with full-page plates by Copeland.  Square 16mo, cloth. $1.25.

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