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directly attributable to gonorrhoea infection—­e.g.,
stricture, gleet, arthritis, abscesses, salpingitis, &c.
(b.) Congenital syphilis
(c.) Tertiary syphilitic manifestations or disabilities
directly attributable to syphilis infection:—­
(i.) Affecting nervous system—­e.g., gumma,
locomotor, G.P.I., &c.
(ii.) Affecting ear, eye, &c. (special
senses)—­e.g., optic atrophy, &c.
(iii.) Affecting respiratory system—­e.g.,
syphilitic laryngitis, &c.
(iv.) Affecting digestive system—­e.g.,
syphilitic stricture of rectum, &c.
(v.) Affecting circulatory system—­e.g.,
syphilitic angina, aneurism, &c.
(vi.) Affecting spleen
(vii.) Affecting skin, bones, joints, muscles
(viii.) Affecting genito-urinary system, including
abortions, &c.

NOTE.—­No case should be recorded under more than one of these headings.

Total number of cases under my personal care

My opinion is that venereal disease in this Dominion has [not] increased in a greater proportion than the population during the last five years.

[Signature of medical practitioner.]
Date of posting:  Town where practising or name or }
names of institutions concerned:  }

[A] “Under my personal care on Saturday, 16th September, 1922,” is to be interpreted to include all patients suffering from the conditions enumerated whom you are attending or have attended, and who you believe in the event of requiring further attendance would call you in or consult you, in other words, bona fide patients of your own.  It is not intended that you are to enumerate only the patients actually seen by you on that date.
Medical superintendents or medical officers in charge of institutions will regard all patients in or attending their institutions as “under my personal care on Saturday, 16th September, 1922,” irrespective of whom the actual medical attendant may be.

  Please post this Reply Form as soon as possible after 16th
  September, 1922, and not later than 20th September, 1922.

  Additional copies of this form are obtainable from the Medical
  Officers of Health, or the Secretary of the Board of Health,
  P.O.  Box 1146, Wellington.



| Cases of Recent Infection. | Health |---------+------------+--------+------| District |Gonorrhoea|Soft Chancre|Syphilis|Total | ---------------+---------+------------+--------+------+ North Auckland | 10| ..| 1| 14| Auckland | 279| 3| 165| 447| Hawke’s Bay | 35| 3| 17| 55|
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