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| Venereal Diseases Clinic. | Dr. Hilda Northcroft. | Dr. Frank Macky. | Dr. W. Gilmour, Bacteriologist and | Pathologist, Auckland Hospital. | Dr. C.E.  Maguire, Medical Superintendent, | Auckland Hospital. | Dr. W.H.  Parkes. | Dr. J. Hardie Neil. | Dr. R. Tracy Inglis, Medical Officer, St. | Helens Hospital. | Dr. E.W.  Sharman, Port Health Officer. | Dr. W.H.  Pettit.  Auckland, 18th August, 1922 | Mrs. De Treeby, representing Women’s | International and Political League. | Dr. D.N.W.  Murray, Medical Officer to | Prisons Department. | Mr. R.J.  Pudney. | Mr. Egerton Gill. | Mrs. Harrison Lee Cowie. | Mrs. E.B.  Miller. | Dr. Kenneth Mackenzie. | Dr. E.H.  Milsom. | Dr. E. Carrick Robertson. | Rev. Jasper Calder. | Mr. F.L.  Armitage, Government | Bacteriologist. | Dr. W.A.  Fairclough. | Dr. A.N.  McKelvey, Medical Officer, | Costley Home.  Christchurch, 29th August, 1922 | Dr. A.C.  Thomson, Officer in Charge | Venereal Diseases Clinic. | Dr. P.C.  Fenwick. | Mrs. E. Roberts, President Women’s | Branch, Social Hygiene Society. | Mrs. A.E.  Herbert. | Dr. A.B.  Pearson, Bacteriologist and | Pathologist, Christchurch Hospital. | Nurse E.M.  Stringer, Health Patrol. | Dr. W. Fox, Medical Superintendent, | Christchurch Hospital. | Dr. C.H.  Upham, Port Health Officer. | Dr. C.L.  Nedwill, Medical Officer to | Prisons Department. | Dr. D.E.  Currie. | Dr. J. Guthrie. | Dr. W. Irving, Medical Officer, St. | Helens Hospital. | Dr. A.C.  Sandston, President, Men’s | Branch Social Hygiene Society. | Major R. Barnes, Salvation Army Officer. | Dr. A.B.  Lindsay.  Dunedin, 31st August, 1922 | Dr. A. Marshall, Officer in Charge | Venereal Diseases Clinic. | Dr. A.R.  Falconer, Medical | Superintendent, Dunedin Hospital. | Dr. H.L.  Ferguson, Dean Medical Faculty, | Otago University. | Dr. Emily H. Seideberg, Medical Officer, | St. Helens Hospital. | Dr. J.A.  Jenkins. | Canon E.R.  Nevill, representing the | Dunedin Council of Sex Education. | Miss Pattrick, Director of Plunket | Nursing. | Mr. J.M.  Galloway, representing Society | for Protection of Women and Children. | Dr. F.R.  Riley.  Wellington, 12th September | Dr. W. Young. (forenoon only) | Mr. T.R.  Cresswell, Headmaster, | Wellington College. | Mr. W.W.  Cook, Registrar-General. | Mr. Malcolm Fraser, Government | Statistician. | Mr. W.D.  Hunt. | Rev. R.S.  Gray.  Wellington, 13th September | Dr. Frank Hay, Inspector-General of (forenoon only) | Mental Defectives. | Mrs. Henderson, Representative Women | Prisoners’ Welfare Society and | Wellington Branch National Council of | Women. | Rev. Van Staveren, Jewish Rabbi.  Wellington, 14th September | Dr. Agnes Bennett, Medical Officer, St. | Helens Hospital. | Mrs. F. McHugh, Health Patrol. | Mr. F. Castle, President Pharmacy Board, | and Chairman Wellington Hospital Board. | Dr. D.M.  Wilson, Medical Superintendent, | Wellington Hospital. | Mr. A.H.  Wright, Commissioner of Police.
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