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John Cotton Dana
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E-G Historical sciences. 
E Biography and Portraits. 
F-Fz History. 
F Universal history. 
F02 Ancient history. 
F03 Modern history. 
F04 Medieval history. 
F11-F99 History of single countries (using local list). 
Fa-Fw Allied studies, as Chronology, Philosophy of history,
                History of Civilization, Antiquities, Numismatics,
                Chivalry, Heraldry.

G Geography, Travels. 
G11-G99 Single countries (using local list). 
Ga Ancient geography. 
Gf Surveying and Map-making. 
Gz Maps.

H Social sciences. 
Hb Statistics. 
Hc Economics. 
He Production. 
Hf Labor. 
Hi Slavery. 
Hj Transportation. 
Hk Commerce. 
Hm Money. 
Hn Banking. 
Hr Private finance. 
Ht Taxation and Public finance. 
Hu Tariff. 
Hw Property, Capital. 
Hz Consumption.

I Demotics, Sociology. 
Ic Crime. 
Ig Charity. 
Ih Providence. 
Ik Education.

J Civics, Government, Political science. 
Ju Constitutions and Politics.

K Law and Legislation. 
Kd Public documents.

L-Q Natural sciences. 
L General works, Metrics.
           L Number and space.
Lb Mathematics.
           Lh-Lr Matter and force.
Lh Physics. 
Lo Chemistry. 
Lr Astronomy.
           M-Q Matter and life
M Natural history. 
Mg Geology, incl.  Mineralogy, Crystallography,
                Physical geography, Meteorology,
My Biology. 
N Botany. 
O Zoology. 
P Vertebrates. 
Pg Mammals. 
Pw Anthropology, Ethnology, Ethnography. 
Q Medicine.

Q-Z Arts. 
R General works, Exhibitions, Patents. 
Rd-Rg Extractive arts. 
Rd Mining. 
Re Metallurgy. 
Rf Agriculture. 
Rh Horticulture. 
Ri Silviculture. 
Rj Animaliculture. 
Rq Chemic arts. 
Rt Electric arts. 
Ry Domestic arts. 
Rz Food and Cookery. 
S Constructive arts, Engineering. 
Sg Building. 
Sj Sanitary engineering. 
Sl Hydraulic engineering. 
St Transportation and Communication.

T Fabricative arts, Machinery, Manufactures,
                and Handicrafts.

U Protective arts, i.e., Military and Naval
                arts, Life-preserving, Fire fighting.

V Athletic and Recreative arts, Sports and
Vs Gymnastics. 
Vt Theater. 
Vv Music.

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