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Sec.1.  Define offensive and defensive war.  What are the contending parties called?  Who are neutrals?

Sec.2.  What are the proper characteristics of a war?

Sec.3.  What are objects of a lawful war?

Sec.4.  When is a personal injury to the citizens of one state by those of another deemed just cause of war?

Sec.5.  What ought a government to do before resorting to war to redress injuries?

Sec.6.  How is satisfaction sometimes sought without making war?  How are reprisals made?  Define confiscate.

Sec.7.  To justify reprisals, what is necessary?

Sec.8.  How far is a nation bound by a treaty of alliance to assist another in war?

Sec.9.  In what cases is it not bound to render the aid?

Sec.10.  What if the alliance is defensive?  Is the government that first applies force always the aggressor?

Chapter LXVI.

Sec.1.  How is war usually announced?  By what authority?

Sec.2.  Is a declaration communicated to the enemy?  What is deemed sufficient?

Sec.3.  When war is declared, who are involved in it?

Sec.4.  How does war in a state affect the persons and property of the enemy’s subjects found within such state?

Sec.5.  How is trade between the two countries affected by the war?

Sec.6.  What is necessary to make offensive hostilities lawful?  In what case would such permission be beneficial?

Sec.7.  How far does a just war give the right to take the life of the enemy?

Sec.8.  How are prisoners of war to be treated?  What is said about the exchange and ransom of prisoners?

Sec.9.  What kinds of property may not, and what may, be destroyed?

Sec.10.  What is said of stratagems?

Sec.11.  Of spies?

Sec.12.  In what kind of war is the destruction of private property lawful? 
On what ground?

Sec.13.  What are privateers?  What are their owners authorized to do?  How is privateering encouraged?

Sec.14.  How is the abuse of this right prevented?

Sec.15.  State the proceedings of the captors and the court, in cases of capture?

Sec.16.  Who has the primary right to all prizes?  How do the citizens get any interest in them?

Chapter LXVII.

Sec.1.  To what is a neutral nation bound?  What kind of aid to an enemy is unlawful?

Sec.2.  How is the trade of a neutral affected by war?  With what may she still supply a belligerent?

Sec.3.  What is said of the right of a neutral to carry the goods in such cases?

Sec.4.  What are prohibited articles called?  What goods are contraband?

Sec.5.  What is done with contraband goods?  In what cases is the vessel also confiscated?

Sec.6.  What is a blockade?  Its object?  How does it affect neutrals?

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