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Sec.1.  What is a bill of exchange?  Give a form.

Sec.2.  What are foreign bills of exchange?  Inland?

Sec.3.  Give an example of its operation and effect?

Sec.4.  How is a bill accepted?  How is the acceptor liable?  How is payment demanded?

Sec.5.  When must bills payable at sight, or a certain day after sight, or after date, be presented for acceptance?  When presented for payment?

Sec.6.  What is the nature of a bank check?

Sec.7.  What is the business of a notary public?  Define protest.

Sec.8.  What is said of protesting inland bills of exchange?

Sec.9.  What is interest?

Sec.10.  Give the rates of interest in the different states.  What is it in this state?

Sec.11.  What is usury?  What is the forfeiture for taking usury in this state?

Chapter LXII.

Sec.1.  Are the penalties for crimes the same in all the states?  Is the measure of punishment always the same for the same offense, in any state?  Who fixes the measure of punishment?

Sec.2.  What crimes are punishable by death in this state?

Sec.3.  Why are crimes punishable by death called capital crimes?  Define capital.

Sec.4.  Define treason.

Sec.5.  What is murder?  Are there different degrees of murder in this state?

Sec.6.  Define manslaughter.  How many degrees of manslaughter in this state?

Sec.7.  What is arson?  Define arson in the first degree.  How is this degree punishable in this state?

Sec.8.  What is homicide?  When is it felonious?  What is justifiable and excusable homicide?

Sec.9.  What is maiming?  Kidnapping?  What other crimes are here mentioned as felonies?

Sec.10.  What is burglary?  Why is the crime deemed greater when committed in the night time?

Sec.11.  Define forgery and counterfeiting?

Sec.12.  Define robbery, and an attempt to rob.

Sec.13.  What is embezzlement?  How is it punishable?

Sec.14.  What is larceny?  What is grand, and what is petit larceny?

Sec.15.  What is perjury?  What is subornation of perjury?

Sec.16.  Define bribery.

Sec.17.  What is dueling?  Is dueling murder in this state?

Sec.18.  Is aiding a prisoner to escape a crime?

Sec.19.  What is bigamy?  What is the difference between bigamy and polygamy?

Sec.20.  What is incest?

Sec.21.  In what case is opening a grave a crime?  How is it punishable in this state?

Sec.22.  Who are accessories to crime?

Sec.23.  Define assault and battery.

Sec.24.  What is a riot?  How may riots be suppressed?

Sec.25.  What grade of offense is it for an officer to rescue a prisoner or voluntarily to suffer him to escape?

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