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Sec.5.  How may a man protect himself when in danger of personal injury? 
What remedy for violence committed?

Sec.6.  How far may a man go in defending himself or his property?  What is such killing called?

Sec.7.  How are we protected in our good names?  What is slander?

Sec.8.  What is libel?  Which is considered the greater injury?  For which is a person liable in both a civil and criminal suit?

Sec.9.  What is the rule of the common law in the case of a criminal action for libel?  What is the reason for this principle?

Sec.10.  What distinction do some make between cases of public and private prosecution for libel?

Sec.11.  Does the common law still prevail in this country?  How has it been modified?

Sec.12.  How is personal liberty secured?  What is the nature of the writ of habeas corpus?

Sec.13.  What is liberty of conscience?  How is it secured?

Sec.14.  Is this right secured to the same extent in England?

Sec.15.  What is meant by the right of property?  By what is it protected?

Chapter XLVIII.

Sec.1.  What is meant by the age of consent?  At what periods of life is it fixed?  At what in this state?

Sec.2.  What three requisites to a lawful marriage are next mentioned?

Sec.3.  May a person remarry who has a wife or husband living?  What is the crime called?  What cases are excepted?

Sec.4.  Are the marriages in these excepted cases binding?  What is the common law on the subject?

Sec.5.  How, and by whom are marriages solemnized?  What regulations exist in some states?  Is a license or a notice required in this state?

Sec.6.  By common law, what right to the personal property does the husband acquire by marriage?

Sec.7.  Does he acquire an absolute right also to her real estate?  How is his right limited?

Sec.8.  How has this common law rule been changed?  Can you tell what the law is in this state?

Sec.9.  By common law, what liability does a husband incur by marriage?  What is coverture?  Is this now the law in all the states?  Is it in this state?

Sec.10.  How far is a husband bound for the maintenance of his wife?

Sec.11.  May they be witnesses for each other?

Chapter XLIX.

Sec.1.  What are the obligations of parents?  What is the age of majority?  In law, who are infants, or minors?

Sec.2.  How far, or in what cases, is a father liable for the contracts of a child?

Sec.3.  Can a minor bind himself by contract?  In what cases is he bound?

Sec.4.  How in cases of rent?  How in cases of contracts which he avoids when he comes of age?

Sec.5.  Are minors answerable for crimes?  How in cases of fraud?

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