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Chapter XLV.

Sec.1.  How are constitutional amendments proposed?  How ratified?

Sec.2.  What good is supposed to have resulted from so difficult a mode of amendment?

Sec.3.  For what reasons was the new government made to assume the debts of the old?

Sec.4.  Why is the constitution of the United States, and the laws and treaties made under it, made binding above all state authority?

Sec.5.  Why are public officers bound by oath to support the constitution, and to discharge their duties faithfully?

Sec.6.  What is a religious test?  What was it in England?  Why was it forbidden by the constitution?

Sec.7.  What does the last article declare?  Why was not the ratification of all the states required?  Why was the ratification of so many as nine required?

Sec.8.  When did this state ratify?  When did North Carolina and Rhode Island come into the union?

Sec.9.  When were electors of president chosen?  When was the president elected, and when inaugurated?  When did proceedings under the constitution commence?

Chapter XLVI.

Sec.1.  How many articles of amendment are there?  What is the nature of most of them?  Why then were they added?  When were the first ten proposed and ratified?

Sec.2.  What is forbidden by the first amendment?

Sec.3.  What right is guarantied by the second amendment?  Why is this right necessary?

Sec.4.  What does the third amendment declare?  What probably suggested it?

Sec.5.  What right is guarantied by the fourth article?  What evil is it intended to prevent?

Sec.6.  What rights does the fifth article guaranty?  Can you give any reason why a person fairly tried and acquitted should not be tried again?  What does the sixth article require?

Sec.7.  What is secured by the seventh amendment?  What is meant by suits at common law?  What are courts of admiralty?  How is the latter part of this article explained?

Sec.8.  What does the eighth article forbid?  What evils was it designed to prevent?

Sec.9.  What is the ninth article?  What evil was it designed to prevent?

Sec.10.  What does the tenth amendment declare?  Explain it.

Sec.11.  When was the eleventh article proposed and ratified?  What is it? 
What was it intended to prevent?

Sec.12.  What does the twelfth amendment effect?  When was it proposed and ratified?

Chapter XLVII.

Sec.1.  How are the municipal or civil laws distinguished from the fundamental or political law?

Sec.2.  What are statute laws?

Sec.3.  What is the common law?  Is it law in this country?

Sec.4.  What are the rights of person?  Personal security?  Personal liberty? 
How are they guarantied?

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