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Sec.3.  How is the independence of the judges further secured?  Why should congress not have power to reduce their salaries?

Sec.4.  Cases of what nature are tried in the national courts?

Sec.5.  Why is the trial of crimes to be held in the state where committed?

Sec.6.  Which are the lowest national courts?  How is a district court constituted?  What cases does it try?

Sec.7.  How many circuits are there?  How is a circuit court constituted?  What cases does it try?

Sec.8.  How is the supreme court constituted?  Where, and when, does it hold sessions?  What is its principal business?

Sec.9.  What important object is so cared by the supreme court?  How are state laws and the decisions of state courts affected by the decisions of the supreme court of the United States?

Chapter XLIII.

Sec.1.  Why was the definition of treason put into the constitution?  What is levying war?

Sec.2.  State more particularly what does and what does not constitute levying war and treason?

Sec.3.  What proof is required to convict of treason?

Sec.4.  How was treason punished by the common law?  How has congress made it punishable?

Sec.5.  What is attainder?  Its meaning here?  By the common law, how did the sentence of death for treason affect the traitor?  What has congress declared concerning conviction for treason?

Chapter XLIV.

Sec.1.  What is the object of the provision concerning state records?

Sec.2.  In giving effect to this provision, what has congress enacted?  In case of a judicial proceeding, what is required?  What in case of an act of a state legislature?

Sec.3.  What is meant by the clause concerning the privileges of citizens in the several states?  Without such provision, what might a state do?

Sec.4.  How is a fugitive from justice arrested and returned for trial?

Sec.5.  Who are meant by “persons held to service or labor, escaping into another state?” What provision of the common law induced the adoption of this clause?

Sec.6.  How are fugitives from slavery apprehended and returned?  Is the law requiring the capture and return of fugitive slaves, in your opinion, morally binding?

Sec.7.  What induced the provision for admitting new states?  What states have been formed from the north-western territory?

Sec.8.  What unsettled tract was south of the Ohio?  Whose consent to the division of a state does the constitution require?

Sec.9.  In the right to acquire territory, what other right is implied?  Had the old congress this power?  What has congress done under the power here granted?

Sec.10.  How is a republican form of government secured to the states?  How are they to be protected against invasion and domestic violence?  What is meant by domestic violence?

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