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Sec.7.  What titles have representatives at foreign courts?  Who are embassadors in ordinary and extraordinary?  Envoys?  Envoys plenipotentiary?

Sec.8.  What are our representatives abroad called?  What are charges des affaires?

Sec.9.  What is the business of consuls?

Sec.10.  Why is the appointment of judges of the supreme court given to the president and senate?

Sec.11.  For what reason should the president have the right to select the heads of the departments?

Sec.12.  What power has the president alone in filling vacancies?  Why is such a power necessary?

Sec.13.  What other powers and duties of the president are mentioned in the constitution?

Sec.14.  What officers are removable by impeachment? and for what offenses?

Chapter XLI.

Sec.1.  Among what departments is the executive business of the nation distributed?  By what names are the head officers called?  How appointed?

Sec.2.  What departments did the first congress establish?  What officers constituted the first cabinet?  When were the heads of the navy, post-office, and interior departments respectively added?

Sec.3.  What are the duties of the secretary of state relating to foreign affairs?  Define diplomacy and diplomatist.

Sec.4.  What are the duties of the secretary in relation to home affairs?

Sec.5.  What are the duties of the secretary of the treasury?

Sec.6.  What are his principal assistants?

Sec.7.  What are the duties of the secretary of the interior?  What is a pension?  To what classes of persons are pensions allowed?  To whom are bounties of lands allowed?

Sec.8.  To what do the duties of the secretary of war relate?

Sec.9.  What is the business of the secretary of the navy? and of the navy commissioners?

Sec.10.  What are the principal duties of the postmaster general?  Who are his principal assistants?

Sec.11.  What is the business of postmasters in relation to keeping accounts of letters, advertising letters, and making returns to the general post-office?  What are dead letters?

Sec.12.  How are postmasters paid for their services?  State the rates of commission.  To what amount of compensation are postmasters limited?  What postmasters are appointed by the president and senate?

Sec.13.  Who are entitled to the franking privilege? and to what extent?  How is franking done?  What government officers frank matter on official business?

Sec.14.  What are the duties of the attorney-general?

Chapter XLII.

Sec.1.  Was there a national judiciary under the confederation?  In what courts is the judicial power of the U.S. vested?

Sec.2.  By whom, and for what term, are the judges appointed?  Why is the term made so long?

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