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Chapter XXVIII.

Sec.2.  What is a confederacy?  Was the confederation a union of people? or a union of states?  From what does this appear?

Sec.3.  What is the union under the constitution?  Where is this declared?

Sec.4.  What is said of the former independence of the states?  What power has the general government acquired by the constitution?

Sec.5.  How did the equality of the states in the old congress appear?  To how many delegates were they entitled?  How did they vote?

Sec.6.  How are the states now represented?  How do representatives vote?

Sec.7.  State the difference between the bodies that framed and ratified the two instruments respectively.

Sec.8.  Was the government under the confederation properly national?  How does it appear that it was not?  What change did the constitution effect?

Sec.9.  What early act of the constitutional convention shows the present government to be national?

Sec.10.  What departments of power were wanting under the confederation?

Sec.11.  Is the present government wholly national?  Why not?

Chapter XXIX.

Sec.1.  Of what does congress consist?  For what terms were members of the old congress appointed?  Why has the term of a representative been extended to two years?

Sec.2.  What qualifications are required for voting for representatives?  What reasons were there for this rule?

Sec.3.  What are the qualifications of a representative?  Give the reasons for these qualifications.

Sec.4.  Give the rule of apportioning representatives and direct taxes.

Sec.5.  What made it difficult to agree upon a rule of apportionment?  In what states did slavery then exist?  Name the present slaveholding states.

Sec.7.  Upon what terms was the question of apportionment settled?

Sec.8.  Illustrate the rule by an example.

Sec.9.  How are the slave states benefited by this arrangement as to taxes?

Sec.10.  What do they gain as to representation?

Sec.11.  How is the number of representatives limited?  How often is the ratio of representation fixed?

Sec.12.  Why has the ratio been from time to time increased?  How is a representation secured to the smallest states?

Sec.13.  State the ratio and the number of representatives after each census.

Sec.14.  How is a state districted for choosing representatives?  When are they chosen?

Sec.15.  How are territories represented?

Chapter XXX.

Sec.1.  How is the senate constituted?  Upon what points did the convention differ?  How was the matter settled?

Sec.2.  In what provision does the federative principle appear?

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