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Sec.6.  How are persons dealt with for non-attendance and delinquency at parades?

Sec.7.  What are the duties of the adjutant-general?

Sec.8.  What is the business of a commissary-general?  Is there one in this state?  Define arsenal.

Sec.9.  What is done in the case of persons averse to bearing arms?  Are any exempt in this state without commuting?

Sec.10.  What regulations exist in New York and Ohio?

Sec.11.  For what reasons is the drilling of the whole militia deemed unnecessary?

Sec.12.  What is your opinion of war?  What is a better way of settling disputes between nations?

Chapter XXVI.

Sec.2.  What is there in our government that renders a knowledge of it important to the people?

Sec.3.  To what country were the American colonies subject?  What is a colony?

Sec.4.  Whence did the people derive their rights and privileges?  What was the form of the colonial governments?

Sec.5.  From whom did the officers derive their power?  Were any elected?  On whose approval did the laws finally depend?

Sec.6.  What was the effect of this upon the colonists?  What was the object of the laws of parliament relating to the colonies?

Sec.6, 7.  What did some of these laws require?

Sec.8.  By what particular means did that government secure the colonial trade?  Define duty.

Sec.9.  Explain the nature and effect of these duties.

Sec.10.  What right did parliament claim?  What act was accordingly passed? 
What did the colonists do?  What was the final result?

Chapter XXVII.

Sec.1.  When did the first continental congress meet?  How were its members chosen?  What great act did it do in 1776?

Sec.2.  What did it in November, 1777?  When did the confederation go into effect?

Sec.3.  How did the union formed by it prove?  What was the probable cause of its imperfections?

Sec.4.  What was its leading defect?  Mention some instances of its weakness?

Sec.5.  What probably aided in inducng compliance with the ordinances of congress?

Sec.6.  What new difficulties arose after peace?  What difficulty attended the laying of duties by the states?

Sec.7.  For what other purpose did congress need the power to lay duties?  How had Great Britain secured the carrying trade?

Sec.8.  What other trouble arose from this imperfect union?

Sec.9.  How was this difficulty sought to be remedied?

Sec.10.  What was the result of the meeting at Annapolis?

Sec.11.  In what did the recommending of a convention result?  How was the constitution ratified in the states?

Sec.12.  To give it effect, how many states must ratify?  When were ratifications received from Rhode Island and North Carolina?

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