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Sec.4.  Why should not the money to make them be raised by a general tax?

Sec.5.  How are funds sometimes provided for this purpose?

Sec.6.  For the want of such funds, how is the money obtained?  How is it to be repaid?

Sec.7.  How is the business of borrowing done?  What are state stocks?

Sec.8.  What renders the purchase of state stocks a safe transaction?

Sec.9.  By whom are canal affairs managed?

Sec.10.  What states are most noted for their canals?

Sec.11.  By whom are rail-roads usually constructed?  Why is an act of incorporation necessary?

Sec.12.  What does the act provide?

Sec.13.  How is the capital, or stock, raised?  What officers are chosen, and by whom?

Sec.14.  What is the nature of these certificates of stock?

Sec.15.  How do stockholders expect to be refunded?  What are dividends?  When are stocks at par?  When above or below par?

Chapter XXIV.

Sec.1.  Where were the first banks? and whence is the name derived?

Sec.2.  By what authority are our banks established?  How is the capital stock raised?

Sec.3.  How do business men deposit and draw out their money?

Sec.4.  What is a certificate of deposit?  How is it made transferable? and convertible into money?

Sec.5.  Describe the manner of transmitting money through banks.

Sec.6.  How are banks repaid?  What is saved to business men by this mode of remittance?

Sec.7.  Describe the operation of lending money by a bank.

Sec.8.  Describe a bank bill.  What if a bank is unable to redeem its bills? 
How are bill-holders secured against loss?

Sec.9.  What is the nature of the free banking system?

Sec.10.  How does this law provide for the security of bill-holders?

Sec.11.  What is the business of insurance companies?  What do they insure? 
Define policy-premium.

Sec.12.  Of what consist the profits of stock insurance companies?  Show this by an example.

Sec.13.  How are companies enabled to fix proper rates of insurance?  Is all property insured at the same rate?  Why not?

Sec.14.  Describe the character of mutual insurance companies.  How is money raised for paying losses?

Chapter XXV.

Sec.1.  What preparation is made for the public defense?  What does the word militia include?

Sec.2.  For what other purpose may portions of the militia be wanted?  Define insurrection and rebellion.

Sec.3.  Who are liable to do military service?  Who are exempt by the laws of the states generally?

Sec.4.  Who by the laws of the United States?

Sec.5.  What military authority have the governors and the president?  Why have they this power?

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