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Sec.7.  Describe the proceedings of a grand jury.  What is an indictment?

Sec.8.  Why are grand juries instituted?

Sec.9.  By what instrument are grand juries required?

Sec.10.  What is the opinion of some on this subject?

Sec.11.  Is there a supreme court in this state?  Describe it.  Is there a higher court?

Sec.12.  How are suits commenced in county and other higher courts?

Chapter XX.

Sec.1.  What is the object of a court of chancery?

Sec.2.  Mention some of its powers.

Sec.3.  Are there separate and distinct chancery courts in this state?

Sec.4.  How are suits commenced and tried in these courts?

Sec.5.  What is the business of a probate court?

Sec.6.  What is a court of impeachment?  Its business?  What is an impeachment?  By whom made?

Sec.7.  How is it done?

Sec.8.  Describe the mode of trial.  What follows conviction?

Sec.9.  By what other modes are judicial officers removed?

Chapter XXI.

Sec.1.  How is money raised for government purposes?  What is a poll-tax?

Sec.2.  What property is exempt from taxation?  What is real, and what personal property?

Sec.3.  By whom, and how, is property valued?  How in this state?

Sec.5.  Of what three items does the tax consist?

Sec.6.  How is it ascertained?

Sec.7.  Who in this state cause the tax-list to be made out, and order the taxes to be collected?

Sec.8.  To whom is the money paid when collected?

Chapter XXII.

Sec.1.  What is the proper object of government?  How is it to be done?

Sec.2.  What is the effect of education upon a people?  Of ignorance?

Sec.3.  Why should government provide the means of education?

Sec.4.  To what extent is this done?  By what means?

Sec.5.  How is the deficiency in the income of the school fund supplied?

Sec.6.  How, and to what extent, are school funds provided in the new states?

Sec.7.  In what way, and to what extent, were the school funds increased in 1837?

Sec.8.  How are school moneys from the state treasury apportioned?  How is the deficiency in the public moneys to pay teachers made up?

Sec.9.  Why are schools called district schools, and common schools? 
What officers are elected in districts?

Sec.10.  What is the state superintendent in this state called?

Chapter XXIII.

Sec.1.  What other duty does the government owe to the citizens?

Sec.2.  What portion of the people of a state are most favored?

Sec.3.  By whom are canals made?  Is there such a public work in this state?

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