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Sec.4.  Are the citizens governed wholly by their own laws?

Sec.5.  What criminal court is peculiar to cities?

Sec.6.  What are village officers usually called?

Sec.7.  Illustrate, by example, the necessity of a village incorporation?

Sec.8.  Are corporations always formed by special laws?

Sec.9.  What is said of incorporated companies?

Sec.10.  What is peculiar in the nature of corporations?

Sec.11.  In what does a state differ from other government corporations?

Sec.12.  Wherein do all government corporations differ from incorporated business companies?

Chapter XVII.

Sec.2.  What is the business of the judicial department?

Sec.3.  If there were no courts of justice, what would be the result?

Sec.4.  What are the lowest courts called?  Why?  Define jurisdiction?

Sec.5.  To what extent has a justice jurisdiction?

Sec.6.  What are civil causes?  Criminal?  Misdemeanors?

Sec.7.  How is a suit in a justice’s court commenced?

Sec.8.  How is a summon served?

Sec.9.  Describe the manner of joining issue.

Sec.10.  How are witnesses procured? and how is the issue tried?

Sec.11.  What if a defendant or plaintiff does not appear?

Sec.12.  How is judgment confessed?

Chapter XVIII.

Sec.1.  Why are juries instituted?

Sec.2.  What is a jury?  A verdict?

Sec.3.  A venire?

Sec.4.  How are jurors kept during their deliberations?

Sec.5.  What is done if they agree?  If they disagree?

Sec.6.  What is an execution?  What if it is not satisfied?

Sec.7.  Is all personal property liable to be sold on execution?

Sec.8.  What is an attachment?  In what cases is it used?

Sec.9.  How is it served?

Sec.10.  What if a party is dissatisfied with a judgment?

Sec.11.  What power have justices in cases of crime?

Sec.12.  How are offenders arrested and examined?

Sec.13.  How is the prisoner disposed of if the justice can not try him?

Sec.14.  Define recognizance and bail?

Chapter XIX.

Sec.1.  How are county courts constituted?  How in this state?

Sec.2.  What causes are tried in them?  What is appellate and what original jurisdiction?

Sec.3.  Name the courts of this state.  What jurisdiction has a circuit court?

Sec.4.  What juries have county and circuit courts?  What is an issue of fact?  An issue of law?

Sec.5.  How are the jurors selected?

Sec.6.  What is the business of a grand jury?  Of what number does it consist in this state?

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