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Sec.6.  What are the duties of a lieutenant-governor?  Is there one in this state?

Sec.7.  When he acts as governor, who takes the chair of the senate?

Chapter XIII.

Sec.1.  What assistant executive officers are there in this state?  Are they appointed or elected?

Sec.2.  What are the duties of the secretary of state?

Sec.3.  Of an auditor or controller?

Sec.4.  Of a treasurer?

Sec.5.  Of what officers are sureties required?

Sec.6.  What are the duties of an attorney-general?  Is there one in this state?

Sec.7.  The duties of surveyor-general?  Is there one in this state?

Sec.8.  A superintendent of schools?

Sec.9.  What is the business of state printer?

Sec.10.  What other state officers are there?

Chapter XIV.

Sec.1.  For what reasons is a state divided into counties and townships?

Sec.2.  How large are townships?

Sec.3.  From what comes the name of county?  Of shire, and sheriff?

Sec.4.  Define corporation.  What powers have town and county corporations?

Sec.5.  In what officers are these powers vested?  In whom in this state?

Sec.6.  What are the duties of a county treasurer?

Sec.7.  Of a register or recorder?  Where are deeds, &c., recorded in this state?

Sec.8.  What are a sheriff’s duties?

Sec.9.  What is the business of a coroner?

Sec.10.  Are there state’s attorneys in the counties of this state?

Sec.11.  Is there a county surveyor?

Sec.12.  Are county officers elected by the people in this state?

Chapter XV.

Sec.1.  Into what are counties divided?

Sec.2.  What is done at the annual town meetings?

Sec.3.  What officers are elected?  Are all there elected in the towns of this state?

Sec.4.  What are those officers called who direct town affairs?  What in this state?

Sec.5.  What are the duties of a town clerk?

Sec.6.  What officers in this state have the care of highways?  What is a poll-tax?

Sec.7.  By whom are the poor provided for?  Are there county poor-houses in this state?

Sec.8.  The duties of constables?

Sec.9.  Of treasurer?  Are there town treasurers in this state?

Sec.10.  The duties of fence-viewers?

Sec.11.  Of town-sealer?

Chapter XVI.

Sec.1.  Why is the incorporation of cities, &c., necessary?

Sec.2.  How are city charters obtained?  Define charter?

Sec.3.  What are the principal city officers called?  What inferior officers are elected?

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