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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 319 pages of information about The Government Class Book.

Chapter XXXIII.

     Power to Regulate Commerce, continued.  Navigation; Commerce among
     the States, and with the Indian Tribes

Chapter XXXIV.

     Powers of Congress in Relation to Naturalization; Bankruptcy;
     Coining Money; Weights and Measures; Punishment of Counterfeiting

Chapter XXXV.

     Powers of Congress in Relation to Post-Offices; Copy-Rights and
     Patents; Inferior Courts

Chapter XXXVI.

     Powers of Congress in Relation to Piracy and Offenses against the
     Law of Nations; War; Marque and Reprisal; Public Defense; District
     of Columbia; Implied Powers

Chapter XXXVII.

     Prohibitions on Congress

Chapter XXXVIII.

     Prohibition on the States

Chapter XXXIX.

     Executive Department.  President and Vice-President; their Election,
     Qualifications, &c.

Chapter XL.

     Powers and Duties of the President; Treaties; Public Ministers;
     Appointments and Removals

Chapter XLI.

     Auxiliary Executive Departments.  Departments of State, of the
     Treasury, of the Interior, of War, of the Navy, of the Post-Office;
     Attorney General

Chapter XLII.

     Judicial Department.  District Courts; Circuit Courts; Supreme Court

Chapter XLIII.

     Treason Defined, its Punishment

Chapter XLIV.

     State Records; Privileges of Citizens; Fugitives; Admission of New
     States; Power over Territory; Guaranty of Republican Government

Chapter XLV.

     Provision for Amendments; Assumptions of Public Debt; Supremacy of
     the Constitution, &c.; Oaths and Tests; Ratification of the

Chapter XLVI.

     Amendments to the Constitution

Common and Statutory Law.

Chapter XLVII.

     Rights of Persons.  Personal Security; Personal Liberty; Religious
     Liberty; Liberty of Speech, and of the Press; Right of Property

Chapter XLVIII.

     Domestic Relations.  Husband and Wife

Chapter XLIX.

     Domestic Relations, continued.  Parent and Child; Guardian and Ward;
     Minors; Masters, Apprentices, and Servants

Chapter L.

     Rights of Property.  How Title to Property is acquired; Wills and
     Testaments; Title to Property by Descent

Chapter LI.

     Deeds and Mortgages

Chapter LII.

     Incorporeal Hereditaments, Right of Way; Aquatic Rights, &c.

Chapter LIII.

     Leases.  Estates for Life; Estates for Years; Estates at Will;
     Estates by Sufferance; Rent, &c.

Chapter LIV.

     Contracts in General

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