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Sec.7.  What is the general object of apportionment?

Sec.8.  How in an equal representation provided for?

Sec.9.  How often are enumerations made?  How often in this state?  Define census?

Sec.10.  What are the qualifications of senators and representatives in this state?

Sec.11.  How are vacancies filled in the senate?

Chapter X.

Sec.1.  How often do legislatures meet?  How often in this state?  What is meant by session?

Sec.2.  Where do legislatures meet?  What is the place called?

Sec.3.  To what are members bound by their oath of office?

Sec.4.  How are the houses organized?  What are the presiding officers called?

Sec.5.  What are their general duties?

Sec.6.  What other officers are chosen? and what are their duties?

Sec.7.  Define quorum.  What number is a quorum in this state?

Sec.8.  Are the proceedings ever secret?

Sec.9.  What provision is made to prevent interruption?

Chapter XI.

Sec.1.  When is the governor’s message communicated?  What does it contain?

Sec.2.  In what other way are measures introduced?

Sec.3.  What is done to expedite business?  How are committees appointed? and what do they do?

Sec.5.  Name some of the committees.

Sec.6.  What are standing committees? Select committees?

Sec.7.  How do committees discharge their duties?

Sec.8.  Wherein does the utility of committees appear?

Sec.9.  What is a bill?

Sec.10.  By whom, and how, are bills introduced?

Sec.11.  How often must a bill be read?  When is it amended?

Sec.12.  After the second reading and amendment, what follows?

Sec.13.  Describe the proceedings on the final passage of a bill.

Sec.14.  How is it acted on in the other house?

Sec.15.  Why is a legislature divided into two branches?

Sec.16.  Why are bills submitted to the governor for his approval?  Define veto.

Sec.17.  What if a governor refuses to sign a bill?  Are bills presented to the governor in this state?  If so, and he disapproves them, by what majorities must they be again passed?  Within how many days is he to return bills in this state?

Chapter XII.

Sec.1.  For what terms are governors chosen?  For what term in this state?

Sec.2.  What are the qualifications for governor in this state?

Sec.3.  What are his general powers and duties?

Sec.4.  In what cases has he power to grant reprieves and pardons?  Define these words.  What is commute?

Sec.5.  Are any officers in this state appointed by the governor?  Is there a council?

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