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Sec.6.  How is a constitution adopted?

Sec.7.  How are the rights of the people secured by a constitution?

Sec.8.  What is the condition of the people in an absolute monarchy?

Sec.9.  Describe briefly the government of Great Britain.  What political rights have the people?

Sec.10.  Of what does the constitution of Great Britain consist?

Chapter VI.

Sec.1.  By what are the qualifications of voters prescribed?

Sec.2.  Who are freemen?

Sec.3.  Why should none but freemen vote?

Sec.4.  Why is a term of residence required?

Sec.5.  Why are not aliens immediately allowed to vote?

Sec.6.  In what state do colored men vote?

Sec.7.  How are electors sometimes disfranchised?  What is an infamous crime?

Sec.8.  What is said of property as a qualification?

Chapter VII.

Sec.1.  For what purpose is the territory of a state divided?

Sec.2.  What are the territorial divisions of a state called?

Sec.3.  When are state elections generally held?

Sec.4.  By whom are elections conducted?  Define poll.

Sec.5.  Describe the manner of voting.  Define ballot.

Sec.6.  Who may challenge voters?

Sec.7.  How and why are voters registered?  Are they registered in this state?

Sec.8.  How is it determined what persons are elected?

Sec.10.  What is viva voce voting?

Sec.11.  What is an election by plurality?  By majority?

Sec.12.  What objections are there to either of these models?

Chapter VIII.

Sec.1, 2.  What division of power is first mentioned?  Give the distinction between the political and civil powers.

Sec.3.  What is said of political power in absolute and mixed governments?

Sec.4.  How is the civil power divided?  What is the business of the legislature?  How is a legislature constituted?

Sec.5.  What is the executive department?  In whom is the power vested?

Sec.6.  What is the business of the judicial department?  Of what does it consist?

Sec.7.  Can you give any reasons for this division of the civil power?

Sec.8.  How is the legislative power divided?

Chapter IX.

Sec.1.  Of what branches is a legislature composed?

Sec.2.  Why is only one called house of representatives?

Sec.3.  For how long terms are senators chosen?  How long in this state?

Sec.4.  Why is the senate called upper house?

Sec.5.  How are senators apportioned?  How in this state?

Sec.6.  How are representatives apportioned?  For what terms elected?  How apportioned, and for what term elected in this state?

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