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Chapter II.

Sec.2.  Define the word right.  May we do whatever we please?

Sec.3.  Why are rights called natural?  Why inalienable?  How may they be lost?

Sec.4.  What are personal rights?  Define rights of person and right of property.  State the distinction between personal rights and the rights of person.

Sec.5.  Define political rights.  What particular rights are political?

Sec.6.  What are civil rights?

Sec.7. Religious rights?  What else are they called?

Sec.8.  Under what general term are the different rights embraced?

Sec.9.  What is liberty?  Political, civil, and religious liberty?

Sec.10.  What is the difference between right and liberty?

Sec.11.  What does this example further explain?

Chapter III.

Sec.1.  Define law.  By what names are laws distinguished?

Sec.2.  Define the law of nature.

Sec.3.  From what does the law of nature arise?

Sec.4.  What is meant by the moral law?

Sec.5.  Define political law.

Sec.6.  Define municipal.  How are municipal or civil laws distinguished from political?

Sec.7.  Ought the divine law in all cases to be obeyed?

Sec.8.  Why then are human laws necessary?

Sec.9.  Can you give any other reason?

Sec.10.  What measure of love is due to the Creator and our fellow men respectively?

Sec.11.  What are the characteristics of this law of love?

Chapter IV.

Sec.1.  What were the earliest governments?  Define patriarch.

Sec.2.  What was the government of the Hebrews called?  Define theocracy.

Sec.3.  What is sovereign or supreme power?

Sec.4.  What is a monarchy?  An absolute monarchy?  A limited monarchy?

Sec.5.  A hereditary monarchy?  An elective monarchy?

Sec.6.  A despotism?  Define despot and tyrant.

Sec.7.  What is an aristocracy?  Define the word

Sec.8.  What is a democracy?  Define the word.

Sec.9.  What is a republic?  Wherein do a democracy and a republic differ?

Sec.10.  What is a commonwealth?

Chapter V.

Sec.1.  What is the object of civil government?  How is this object best secured?

Sec.2.  What is a constitution?  By what name is it called?

Sec.3.  What is it’s nature?

Sec.4.  By what authority is a constitution made?

Sec.5.  By whom is a constitution formed?  What is the assembly called?

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