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Chapter I.

     Mankind fitted for Society, and for Civil Government and Laws

Chapter II.

     Rights and Liberty, defined

Chapter III.

     Laws defined

Chapter IV.

     Different Forms of Government.  Monarchy; Aristocracy; Democracy;

State Governments.

Chapter V.

     The Nature and Objects of a Constitution, and the manner in which
     it is made

Chapter VI.

     Qualifications of Electors; or, by whom Political Power is
     exercised in the States of this Union

Chapter VII.


Chapter VIII.

     Division of the Powers of Government

Chapter IX.

     States Legislatures—­how constituted

Chapter X.

     Meetings and Organization of the Legislature

Chapter XI.

     Manner of Enacting Laws

Chapter XII.

     Executive Department.  Governor and Lieutenant Governor

Chapter XIII.

     Assistant Executive State Officers

Chapter XIV.

     Counties and County Officers.  Powers and Duties of County Officers

Chapter XV.

     Towns and Town Officers.  Powers and Duties of Town Officers

Chapter XVI.

     Incorporation and Government of Cities, Villages, &c.

Chapter XVII.

     Judicial Department.  Justices’ Courts

Chapter XVIII.

     Trial by Jury; Execution; Attachment; Appeals; Arrest of Offenders

Chapter XIX.

     Courts other than Justices’ Courts; Grand and Petit Juries, &c.

Chapter XX.

     Chancery or Equity Courts; Probate Courts; Court of Impeachment

Chapter XXI.

     Assessment and Collection of Taxes

Chapter XXII.

     Education.  School Funds; Schools, &c.

Chapter XXIII.

     Canals and Railroads

Chapter XXIV.

     Banks and Insurance Companies

Chapter XXV.

     The Militia

Government of the United States.

Chapter XXVI.

     Causes of the Revolution

Chapter XXVII.

     Nature of the Union under the Confederation

Chapter XXVIII.

     Nature of the Union under the Constitution

Chapter XXIX.

     Legislative Department.  House of Representatives

Chapter XXX.

     The Senate

Chapter XXXI.

     Power of Congress to lay Taxes, Duties, &c.; Power to Borrow Money

Chapter XXXII.

     Power to Regulate Commerce.  Commerce with Foreign Nations

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