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were many children, gazing with open-eyed curiosity.  The hundredth psalm was given out and the silence of the woods was broken by a volume of melody.  The reading from St John where is told the institution of the last supper, was followed by a prayer of thanksgiving, that even in the forest-wilderness heaven’s manna was to be found by those who seek for it, with passionate entreaty for forgiveness and cleanness of heart.  Then singing and the sermon, a loving call to remember heavenly things in the eager seeking for what is needed for the body; the old truth that God is a spirit and can be approached only by each individual spirit, that no man, whatever his pretensions, can come between the soul and its Maker, and no ceremony or oblation effect reconcilement.  The invitation to come to the table was that all who loved the Lord should do so.  Slowly and reverently those who responded moved downward to take their seats on a bench fronting the table of a single plank.  Looking across the creek there faced them a luxuriant vine, clinging high on the trees that supported its mass of purple foliage.  Amid these surroundings of Nature the love of Him who condemned formalism and who was simplicity’s very essence, was recalled.  When the parting song was sung, and the people began to leave to attend the home-duties that could not wait, the old shepherd expressed himself satisfied that seed had been sown that would bear fruit, and so it did.


Lines on the Gordon Sellar who was drowned in his boyhood

     O that day of desolation! 
       O that hour of dumb despair! 
     Why, instead, was I not taken—­
       The fading leaf the bud to spare?

     Why thy joyous life thus ended? 
       Why wert born thus to die? 
     Whither hast thy spirit wended—­
       Here a moment then to fly?

     Come, O Faith, in all thy gladness,
       Lift me high above my woe;
     Leave with God this hour of darkness,
       Seeking not the cause to know.

     Nevermore, my son, I’ll clasp thee,
       Nevermore thy voice I’ll hear. 
     Till I scan the towers of Salem
       See thee and the Saviour dear.

* * * * *

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