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+BARUCH+ enough to satisfy the most +JOHNSON+ exacting.” 14 portraits and 14 amusing caricatures by Cesare.

Chicago Daily News:  “We recommend it because it gives a startling and clear picture of Washington’s fourteen great political figures—­an unusual picture, quite different from anything we have had thus far in American critical writing.  A chuckling expose of the good and bad in American politics ... succinct word pictures, penetrating anecdotes ... not vicious ... gently, with a charmingly unobtrusive sapiency, the mysterious pen has traced the ludicrous outlines of the nation’s anointed....  The book should be read by all hands and all parties.  It is not partisan ... the sort of education which may be acquired once in a lifetime.”

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By the Author of “The Mirrors of Downing Street”



The Author prefers to remain anonymous

He signs himself


With Portraits

“The Gentleman with a Duster” who so mercilessly and brilliantly clarified the mirrors of Downing Street, now turns his attention to English Society—­and what a drubbing it gets.  Perhaps the sorriest victims to fall under his cleanser are Col.  Repington and Margot Asquith.  His name for the latter will surely stick—­“The Grandmother of the Flapper.”  But society at large is not spared, and there can be no question as to the sincerity of the author.  The Spectator, realizing this, says, “The book is not a piece of mere Grubb Street morality prepared by someone who thinks that this is the dish the public desires at the moment.”

The Glass of Fashion is at times savagely ferocious, but it scintillates brilliancy throughout.


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+Mrs. Gladstone+

+By Her Daughter Mary Gladstone Drew+

“Presents us with a most beautiful picture of William and Catherine Gladstone’s life.”

A Gentleman with a Duster.”

“The record this book gives us is from the pen of a loving daughter and one qualified for this labor of love from intimate personal knowledge.” New Haven Journal-Courier.

“The essence of mid-Victorianism at its very best.”—­Newark Evening News.

“An exquisite portrait of a fine old lady, true helpmate and grande dame of the Victorian era.” N.Y.  Evening Globe.

“Remarkable word pictures both of Mrs. Gladstone and her husband.”—­Oregonian.

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