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Kolbein.—­What punishment would you inflict on her, if she got the boy?

Botolf.—­The excommunication of the Holy Church; the Church wants peace! (Short silence.)

Helga (furiously).—­You stand there still, Alf of Grof; do you still wish to have a sack pulled over my head?

Kolbein.—­It will never do that a lout insult a high-born woman with impunity.  Therefore, I decree that Alf of Grof shall leave the country, never more to return whilst she is in living life.

Alf.—­Why not rather have me put to death?

Helga.—­You fear death too much, you coward!

Broddi.—­And under what conditions shall I make peace with you?

Kolbein.—­You shall have your sword back, and sit in the high seat for the remainder of the evening, but as soon as the sea is open again (slaps BRODDI on his shoulder) we shall, both of us, go to meet Thord Kakali and his Westfirthings.

Brand.—­Much has your fame grown through these happenings, kinswoman Helga!  Exceeding precious must be all your finery, if every spot on the fringes of your veil shall cost a man’s life.

Helga.—­You will remember, kinsman, that I am a descendant in the fourth generation from King Magnus Bareleg.  Lady Jorun, come hither and share the dais with us women. (Woman’s garments are put on JORUN when she joins the women.  BRAND and BOTOLF share the lower seat of honor.  The men sheathe their swords, hang up their shields, and seat themselves.  KOLBEIN THE YOUNG takes up a drinking-horn; horns are passed among the men.)

Kolbein.—­To-day we have brought to a happy end a feud, the like of which has not been within this district.

Brand.—­And the quarrel has ended with full reconciliation.

Alf.—­Indeed, we have been fully reconciled, Helgi Skaftason and I; he going to hell and I into exile.

Helga.—­Worse condition you might have got, Alf of Grof.

Kolbein.—­And to-morrow we shall accompany Bishop Botolf to Holar together, with five hundred men, and shall reinstate him with the greatest honors.  Then we shall furlough the greater part of our men. (The men raise shouts of joy.) And after that we hope that we may dwell in peace for some time.

Salvor.—­Meanwhile we women shall heal the wounds of the men.

Botolf.—­And then there will be peace on earth.

Sigurd.—­And good will among men!




Indridi Einarsson’s ‘Sword and Crozier’ is the first Icelandic play to be done into English.  Very probably, the well-informed reader will wonder, not so much that a translation ’should be so late in forthcoming,’ but that, of all things, there should exist a dramatic literature worthy the name in that Ultima Thule.  He is, indeed, not in any way to be blamed for not suspecting the possibility of a highly developed drama under conditions such as obtain in Iceland, even though he may well be aware that lyric poetry has been cultivated there with ardor and success.

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