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(All except DEACON SIGURD and JORUN leave.)

Jorun.—­Now I declare myself in league with the holy queen Maria, as did Guttorm, my brother, before he was slain! (Approaches SIGURD.) I shall travel with you to Flugumyr to try whether I may save the life of my husband.

Broddi.—­What may a woman effect in such a great feud?  It will be a most perilous journey.  Who knows what may happen there!

Jorun.—­The life of my husband is more precious to me than my own.  But I need a man’s clothes, deacon, and then let us ride after the others.  Lend me the garments of your son who died when half grown.  Permit me to wear them on the journey, so that no one may recognize me at Flugumyr.

Sigurd (drying a tear).—­You are welcome to the boy’s clothes.

Jorun.—­And that you will have to promise me, deacon, to let no one know who I am, whatever happen.

Sigurd (hands her a key, wiping off a tear).—­I promise it.  The boy’s clothes lie in my chest under my vestments.  Take them and may they help you, Lady Jorun, you blessed woman!

Jorun.—­There is still more to do, deacon.  While I get myself ready, you are to tell the stewardess that she is to give the servant girls and men servants the food they choose to have, and as much and as good food as if it were prepared for a banquet.

Sigurd.—­It does not seem to me, though, as if any festival were at hand this evening.

Jorun.—­Do as I bid you!  Probable it is that this will be the last time that I have prepared food for my servants. (She takes the crucifix from her neck, hangs it upon a chair and kneels down before the cross.  DEACON SIGURD looks at her awhile, then leaves the room in all stillness.)



(The ‘Great Hall’ at Flugumyr, with raised seats along both walls and a dais at the gable end.  The entrance door is at the right, in the side wall towards the background.  The upper part of the walls is draped with hangings, the lower part with shields hung up.  Along the side walls are benches; two high seats in the foreground on either side; in front of the higher one a little table.  In the middle of the dais is the seat of LADY HELGA, with benches behind it.  The evening candles are lit on all sides.) (HELGA and SALVOR.)

Helga.—­You do well to take a part of the domestic work off my shoulders.

Salvor.—­You have been very kind to me, Lady Helga.

Helga.—­To-morrow early I need breakfast for five hundred men.

Salvor.—­All hands are at work, lady!

Helga.—­To-morrow the chieftains are to do battle; have you bandages enough, ready?  A good physician is worth half an army.

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