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then shall he be driven from God, and from the commerce of all Christendom, as far as men pursue wolves, Christians visit churches, heathen men sacrifice in temples, mothers bear children, children say mother, fire burns, ships sail, shields flash, the sun shines, snow lies, pines grow, the falcon flies the long spring day, with a fair wind under both his wings.  He shall shun churches and Christian people, the house of God and the houses of men, and the abodes of men, and every home but hell. (HAF lays the ring on the parchment, which he holds between them.  They lay each their right hand on the book.) Both of you with your hands touch one book, and even on it lies the fine with which Thorolf atones for his offence, for himself and for his heirs, conceived or unconceived, born or unborn, baptized or unbaptized; and in return he receives from Brand Kolbeinsson assurances of eternal and everlasting truce, a truce which shall persist the while the earth lasts and men live. (Silence.  BRAND KOLBEINSSON takes the ring off the book and puts it on his arm, whilst HAF lays the book on the table again.) Now you, Brand Kolbeinsson and Thorolf Bjarnason, shall be men reconciled and agreeing, wherever you meet, whether on land or on sea, on ship or on ski, on sea or on horseback, on bench or on thwart; and if need be, divide between you oar and scoop, knife and piece of meat; shall be at one with each other as is father with son, or son with father.  Join hands now (they grasp each the other’s hand) and stand by your truce according to the will of Christ and all those men who now have heard your pledge of faith.  May he have the grace of God who keeps the truce, but his wrath he who breaks it.  Let this be a full reconciliation between you, and let us be witnesses who are present.

(THOROLF approaches HELGA, who gives him the ring she had been holding; He puts it on his arm, without anybody noticing it but her.  BISHOP BOTOLF walks up to her.  The ranks of the witnesses mix, BRAND and BRODDI station themselves in the foreground.)

Botolf.—­A great work and one sorely needed have you performed to-day, my lady.  Assuredly more than small good fortune it is to have reconciled two such men whom Kolbein the Young never could prevail upon to become reconciled, as we are told.

Helga (smiling).—­The granddaughter of Ion Loftsson of Oddi ought to have sufficient good fortune to reconcile by her sole efforts men who both are her friends.

Brand (aside to BRODDI).—­May it never be avenged on Lady Helga to have cowed me by overwhelming force to promise an eternal truce to my worst foe.

Broddi (to BRAND).—­But a short while will the hand rejoice over the blow!



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