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Botolf, bishop of Holar

Kolbein Arnorssonthe young,’ chieftain of the ’North Quarter of
Iceland,’ thirty-four years old

Helga, his wife

Salvor, woman physician

Thorolf Bjarnason }
Asbjorn Illugason } Henchmen of Kolbein Arnorsson
    Haf Bjarnason }

Kolbein Kaldaljos, kinsman of Kolbein Arnorsson and steward of the bishopric of Holar, seventy years old

Brand Kolbeinsson, his son, chieftain of Reynistad, thirty-three years old

Jorun, his wife

Kalf, eight years old } their sons
Thorgeir, six years old }

Broddi Thorleifsson, brother-in-law of Kolbein Arnorsson

Sigurd, deacon

Helgi Skaftason } henchmen of Brand
Alf of Grof }

Einar the rich, of Vik

Helgi, priest at Holar

Illugi, the blind beggar
boy leading Illugi


Followers of Thorolf Bjarnason, of Brand, and of Kolbein Arnorsson. 
People of Holar in Hjaltadel.

The scene is laid in the district of Skagafirth, in the North of Iceland.  The action takes place during the winter previous to the battle of Hunafloi, 1244 A.D.



(So-called ‘Little Hall’ in Brand’s manor-house at Reynistad.  Enter the deacon Sigurd, Thorolf Bjarnason, Alf of Grof, and Einar the rich, of Vik.)

Deacon Sigurd.—­Thorolf, Lady Jorun bade you wait here until her husband comes.

Thorolf.—­Where is Brand Kolbeinsson?  I bear a message for him from my Lord Kolbein the Young.

Sigurd.—­Why comes he not himself?

Alf.—­Kolbein is nigh unto d——­

Thorolf.—­Are you garrulous again, Alf?

Sigurd.—­He lies sick with his wound, I ween.

Thorolf and Alf (remain silent).

Einar the Rich (aside).—­That news I ought to bring secretly to Thord Kakali.

Thorolf.—­Why will Lady Jorun not speak to her guests?

Sigurd.—­She bade me say that she had seen you last, Thorolf Bjarnason, at such business that she cares not to see you any more.

Thorolf (laughs).—­Last I saw her at the slaying of Kalf Guttormsson, her father, and of Guttorm, her brother.

Sigurd.—­Much good reason has my lady if she cares to see you no more.

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