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“Then I’ll sting you again!” cried the bee, and she did so, and the rabbit gave a great pull, and he managed to pull himself away from the wolf.  But, alas!  Uncle Wiggily’s nice red coat was all tattered and torn.

“Oh, whatever shall I do?” cried Uncle Wiggily as the wolf ran away down the hill and the rabbit looked at the torn and ripped coat.  “I never can go on seeking my fortune with a torn coat.”

“I am sorry,” said the bee, “but I can not help you.  But if you see the tailor bird she may mend your coat for you.”

So the bee buzzed away and Uncle Wiggily went on looking for the tailor bird.  This is a bird that makes a nest by sewing leaves together with grass for thread.  And would you believe me, in a little while Uncle Wiggily saw the very bird he wanted.

She was making a nest with her bill for a needle and some dried grass for thread, and she was sewing the leaves together.

“Will you kindly mend my coat for me where the wolf tore it?” asked the rabbit politely.

“Indeed I will,” said the tailor bird.  So she took some long, strong pieces of grass for thread.  Then she made her sharp bill go back and forth in the cloth of Uncle Wiggily’s coat and soon it was all mended again as good as new.  Then the rabbit thanked the bird and started off again to seek his fortune and you could hardly see where his coat was torn.

Then Uncle Wiggily was very thankful to the tailor bird, and he stayed at her house for some time, helping her sweep the sidewalk mornings, and bringing up coal, and all things like that.  And the old gentleman had some more adventures.

But as I have already made this book quite long, I think I will have to save the rest of the stories for another one.  I’ll get it ready as soon as I can for you, and the name of it is going to be “Uncle Wiggily’s Fortune.”

Just think of that!  He really does find his fortune in that book, though he has quite some trouble, let me tell you.  But bless your hearts!  Trouble is only another kind of fun!

So now we will say good-by to Uncle Wiggily for a time, and soon you may hear more about him.  Good-by and good luck to all of you.


* * * * *

Uncle Wiggily Picture Books

Three stories in
each book
Howard R. Garis

[Illustration:  Uncle Wiggily’s snow pudding]

Also twenty-seven
color pictures
Lang Campbell

In these funny little books you can see in bright colored pictures the adventures of myself and my woodland friends.  Also the pictures of some bad fellows, whose names you know.

So if the spoon holder doesn’t go down cellar and take the coal shovel away from the gas stove, you may read

No. 1.  Uncle Wiggily’s Auto sled

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