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“That’s too bad!” exclaimed the ant who wore glasses.  “We can give you something, however.  Come on! everybody, help get breakfast for Uncle Wiggily.”

So all the ants came running up, and some of them brought pieces of boiled eggs, and others brought oatmeal and others parts of oranges and still others parts of cups of coffee.  So take it altogether, with seventeen million, four hundred and seventeen thousand, one hundred and eighty-five ants and a baby ant to wait on him, Uncle Wiggily managed to make out a pretty fair sort of a breakfast.

Well, after the old gentleman rabbit had eaten all the breakfast he could, he thanked the kind ants and said good-by to them.  Then he started off again.  He hadn’t gone on very far through the woods, before, all of a sudden he saw something bright and shining under a blackberry bush.

“Well, I do declare!” cried the old gentleman rabbit.  “I think that looks like gold.  I hope I’m not fooled this time.  I will go up very slowly and carefully.  Perhaps I shall find my fortune now.”

So up he walked very softly, and he stooped down and picked up the shining thing.  And what do you think it was?  Why a bright new penny—­as shiny as gold.

“Good luck!” cried Uncle Wiggily, “I am beginning to find money.  Soon I will be rich, and then I can stop traveling,” and he put the penny in his pocket.

Well, no sooner had he done so than he heard some one crying over behind a raspberry bush.  Oh, such a sad cry as it was, and the old gentleman rabbit knew right away that some one was in trouble.

“Who is there?” he asked, as he felt in his pocket to see if his penny was safe, for he thought that was the beginning of his fortune.

“Oh, I’m lost!” cried the voice.  “I came to the store to buy a chocolate lollypop, and I can’t find my way back,” and then out from behind the raspberry bush came a tiny, little striped chipmunk with the tears falling down on her little paws.

“Oh, you poor little dear!” cried Uncle Wiggily.  “And so you are lost?  Well, don’t you know what to do?  As soon as you are lost you must go to a policeman and ask him to take you home.  Policemen always know where everybody lives.”

“But there are no policemen here,” said the chipmunk, who was something like a squirrel, only smaller.

“That’s so,” agreed Uncle Wiggily.  “Well, pretend that I am a policeman, and I’ll take you home.  Where do you live?”

“If I knew,” said the chipmunk, “I would go home myself.  All that I know is that I live in a hollow stump.”

“Hum!” exclaimed Uncle Wiggily.  “There are so many hollow stumps here, that I can’t tell which one it is.  We will go to each one, and when you find the one that is your home, just tell me.”

“But that is not the worst,” said the chipmunk.  “I have lost my bright, new penny that my mamma gave me for a chocolate lollypop.  Oh dear.  Isn’t it terrible.”

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