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    “I am a little fellow,
      But soon I will grow big. 
    And then I’ll sit beside the sea,
      And in the white sand dig.

    “I’ll make a hole so very deep,
      To China it will go. 
    And then I’ll fill it up with shells
      Wherein the wild waves blow.”

And with that the giant’s little boy banged so hard on the piano with his little finger nail that he broke a string, and made a funny sound, like a banjo out of tune.

“Oh, I didn’t mean to do that!” the giant’s boy cried.  “I’m sorry!”

“Dear me!  I wonder when you’ll grow up?” asked the giant, sort of sad-like.

“I think he’s pretty big now,” said Uncle Wiggily.  And, indeed, the boy-giant was so tall that when the rabbit stood up as high as he could stand, he only came up to the tip end of the shoe laces on the giant boy’s big shoes.

“Oh, he grows very slowly,” said the giant, and then the boy noticed the rabbit for the first time.  Well, that boy-giant wanted to know all about Uncle Wiggily, where he came from and where he was going, and all that, and Uncle Wiggily told about how he was traveling around to seek his fortune.

“Oh, I believe I know where you can find lots of money, Uncle Wiggily,” said the giant’s boy kindly, as he reached over and stroked the rabbit’s ears.  “I have always heard that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The next time we see one, you and I will go out and search for the money.  Then you will have your fortune, and you won’t have to travel around any more.”

“That will be fine!” cried the rabbit, “for, to tell you the truth, I am getting pretty tired of going about the country.  Still, I will not give up until I find my fortune.”

“All right.  But we will have to wait until it rains, and then we’ll see where the end of the rainbow is,” said the giant’s boy.  “Now we will have some games together.  Let’s play tag.”

Well, they started to play that, but, land’s sake, flopsy dub and a basket of ice cream cones!  Uncle Wiggily ran here, and there, and everywhere, and he jumped and leaped about so that the giant’s little boy couldn’t catch him, for the big-little fellow wasn’t very spry on his feet.

“Oh, I guess we had better not play that game any more,” said the boy giant, as he accidentally nearly stepped on Uncle Wiggily’s left ear.  “I might hurt you.  Let’s play hide-and-go-seek.”

But Uncle Wiggily was even better at this game than he had been at tag, for he could hide in such small holes that the boy giant couldn’t even see them, so of course that wouldn’t do for a game.  It was no fun.

Then all at once it began to rain.  My! how it did pour!  It rained snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails, with the puppies fast to the tails, of course, and the streets were covered with them.  Then it rained a few ice cream cones, and Uncle Wiggily and the giant boy had all they wanted to eat, the giant eating fourteen thousand seven hundred and eighty-six, and part of another one, while Uncle Wiggily had only two cones.

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