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“Oh, no you won’t,” said a buzzing voice.  “I’ll get you each an ice cream cone, because you have always been so kind—­both of you.”  And with that out from the bushes flew a big, sweet, honey bee, with a load of honey.

“Have you got any ice cream cones, Mr. Bee?” asked the rabbit.

“No, but I have sweet honey, and if I go down to the ice cream cone store, and give the man some of my honey he’ll give me three cones, and there’ll be one for you and one for me and——­”

“One for Sister Sallie!” interrupted Grandfather Goosey.  “I wish she was here now.”

“She could have a cone if she was here,” said the honey bee, “as I could get four.  But, as long as she is not, the extra cone will go to you, Grandpa.  Now, come on, and I’ll take my honey to the ice-cream-cone-man.”

So they went with him and on the way the bee sung a funny little song like this: 

    “I buzz, buzz, buzz
      All day long. 
    I make my honey
      Good and strong.

    I fly about
      To every flower
    And sometimes stay
      ’Most half an hour.”

Uncle Wiggily didn’t know whether or not the bee was really in earnest about what he said, but, surely enough, when they got to the ice cream store, the man took the bee’s honey, and handed out four ice cream cones, each larger than the first ones.  Two were for the duck as he was so fond of them.

“Oh, let’s eat them here, so that if the bear meets us he can’t take them away,” suggested Grandfather Goosey, and they did.  Then the bee flew home to his hive, and Uncle Wiggily and the old gentleman duck found a nice place to sleep under a haystack.

In the morning Grandfather Goosey said he thought he had better go back home, as he had traveled enough.  He wanted the rabbit to come with him, but Uncle Wiggily said: 

“No, I have not yet found my fortune, and until I do I will keep on traveling.”  So he kept on, and the duck went home.

Well, it was about two days after that when, along toward evening, as Uncle Wiggily was walking down the road, he saw a real big house standing beside a lake.  Oh, it was a very big house, about as big as a mountain, and the chimney on it was so tall as almost to reach the sky.

“Hum!  I wonder who lives there?” said Uncle Wiggily.  “Perhaps I can find my fortune in that house.”

“Oh, no; never go there!” cried a voice down on the ground, and, looking toward his toes, Uncle Wiggily saw a little red ant.

“Ah, ha!  Why shouldn’t I go up to the big house, little red ant?” asked the rabbit.

“Because a monstrous giant lives there,” was the answer, “and he could eat you up at one mouthful.  So stay away.”

“I guess I will,” said the rabbit.  “But I wonder where I can sleep to-night.  I guess I’ll go——­”

“Oh, look out!  Look out!” cried another red ant.  “There is the giant coming now.”

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