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“Now, I’ve got you!” he cried, but he hadn’t, for Johnnie was up a tree.  And, for the moment, the owl forgot about Uncle Wiggily, and there the door was wide open.

“Run out, Uncle Wiggily!  Run out!” cried Johnnie, and out the old gentleman rabbit hopped, catching up his valise, and away into the woods he ran, with Johnnie scurrying along in the tree tops above him, and laughing at the owl, who flew back to his house, but too late to catch the bunny.

“That’s what you get for fooling people so they’ll come into your house,” called the squirrel boy.  “It serves you right, Mr. Owl.  Come on, Uncle Wiggily, we’ll get away from here.”

So they went on together until it was time for Johnnie to go home, and he said he’d tell Uncle Wiggily’s friends that he had met the old gentleman rabbit, and that he hadn’t found his fortune yet, but that he was looking for it every minute, and had had many adventures.

Well, Uncle Wiggily went on some more, for quite a distance, until it was noon time, and then he sat down in the cool, green woods, where there were some jacks-in-the-pulpit growing near some ferns, and there Uncle Wiggily ate his lunch of lettuce sandwiches, with carrot butter on them, and gnawed on a bit of potato.  Just as he was almost through, he heard a rustling in the bushes, and a voice exclaimed: 

“Oh, dear!”

“Why, what’s the matter?” asked Uncle Wiggily, thinking perhaps an adventure was going to happen to him.  “Who are you?”

“Oh, dear!” exclaimed the voice again.

Then, before the old rabbit could jump up and run away, even if he had wanted to, out from under a big bush came a little white poodle dog, with curly, silky hair.  He walked right up to Uncle Wiggily, that dog did, and the rabbit wasn’t a bit afraid, for the dog wasn’t much bigger than he was, and looked very kind.

“What do you want, doggie?” gently asked Uncle Wiggily.

The dog didn’t answer, but he gave a little short bark, and then he began turning somersaults.  Over and over he went, sometimes backward and sometimes frontward, and sometimes sideways.  And when he was finished, he made a low bow, and walked around on his two hind legs, just to show he wasn’t proud or stuck up.

“There!” exclaimed the poodle doggie.  “Is that worth something to eat, Mr. Rabbit?”

“Indeed it is,” answered Uncle Wiggily, “but I would have given you something to eat without you doing all those tricks, though I enjoyed them very much.  Where did you learn to do them?”

“Oh, in the circus where I used to be, I always had to do tricks for my dinner,” said the doggie.

“What is your name?” asked Uncle Wiggily.

“Fido Flip-Flop,” was the answer.  “You see they call me that because I turn so many flip-flops,” and then Uncle Wiggily gave him some lunch, and told the dog about how he, himself, was traveling all over in search of his fortune.

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