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=Bed Time Animal Stories=

No. 1.  Sammie and Susie Littletail
No. 2.  Johnny and Billy Bushytail
No. 3.  Lulu, Alice & Jimmie Wibblewobble
No. 5.  Jackie and Peetie bow-wow
No. 7.  Buddy and BRIGHTEYES Pigg
No. 9.  Joie, Tommie and kittie kat
No. 10 Charlie and Arabella Chick
No. 14 NEDDIE and Beckie STUBTAIL
No. 16 Bully and BAWLY no-tail
No. 20 Nannie and Billie wagtail
No. 28 Jollie and JILLIE LONGTAIL

=Uncle Wiggily Bed Time Stories=

No. 4 Uncle Wiggily’s adventures
No. 6 Uncle Wiggily’s travels
No. 8 Uncle Wiggily’s fortune
No. 11 Uncle Wiggily’s automobile
No. 19 Uncle Wiggily at the seashore
No. 21 Uncle Wiggily’s airship
No. 27 Uncle Wiggily in the country

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Uncle Wiggily’s Adventures

=Uncle Wiggily’s adventures=



Uncle Wiggily Longears, the nice old gentleman rabbit, hopped out of bed one morning and started to go to the window, to see if the sun was shining.  But, no sooner had he stepped on the floor, than he cried out: 

“Oh!  Ouch!  Oh, dear me and a potato pancake!  Oh, I believe I stepped on a tack!  Sammie Littletail must have left it there!  How careless of him!”

You see this was the same Uncle Wiggily, of whom I have told you in the Bedtime Books—­the very same Uncle Wiggily.  He was an Uncle to Sammie and Susie Littletail, the rabbit children, and also to Billie and Johnnie Bushytail, the squirrel boys, and to Alice and Lulu and Jimmie Wibblewobble, the duck children, and I have written for you, books about all those characters.  Now I thought I would write something just about Uncle Wiggily himself, though of course I’ll tell you what all his nephews and nieces did, too.

Well, when Uncle Wiggily felt that sharp pain, he stood still for a moment, and wondered what could have happened.

“Yes, I’m almost sure it was a tack,” he said.  “I must pick it up so no one else will step on it.”

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