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of the founder of the
  charitable institution in which they lived. 
Become, x, 16, gone to; became, x, 66, suited. 
Bed, ix, 41, bid. 
Bedight, xii, 21, adorned. 
Beguyld, xi, 25, foiled. 
Beheast, iv, 18, command. 
Behight, x, 64, name, declare; x, 50, intrusted, delivered; xi, 38,
  behot, promised. 
Beseemed, viii, 32, suited, was becoming. 
Beseene, xii, 5, (good) looking, or (well) dressed. 
Bestedd, i, 24, situated, badly off. 
Bet, iii, 19, beat; bett, vi, 5. 
Betake, xii, 25, intrust to, hand over to. 
Bethrall, viii, 28, imprison, take captive. 
Bever, vii, 31, the lower and movable part of the helmet. 
Bewaile, vi, 1, cause, bring about.  Use either forced, or an error (Nares). 
Bidding, i, 30, praying. 
Bilive, or blive, v, 32, quickly. 
Blame, ii, 18, hurt, injury, or blameworthiness. 
Blaze, xi, 7, proclaim. 
Blent, vi, 42, stained. 
Blesse, v, 6; viii, 22, brandish; vii, 12; ix, 28, protect, deliver;
  pp. blest. 
Blubbred, vi, 9, disfigured or swollen with weeping. 
Blunt, x, 47, dim (of eyesight). 
Bond, i, 3, bound. 
Booteth, iii, 20, 40, profits, avails. 
Bootlesse, v, 33, without avail. 
Bost, iii, 24, vain glory. 
Boughtes, i, 15; xi, 11, folds, coils. 
Bound, x, 67, lead. 
Bouzingcan, iv, 22, drinking vessel. 
Bowrs, viii, 41, muscles. 
Bras, x, 40, money, cf.  Lat. aes
Brast, v, 31; viii, 4; ix, 21, burst. 
Brave, x, 42, fair, beautiful. 
Brawned, viii, 41; brawny, muscular. 
Breares, x, 35, briars. 
Brent, ix, 10; xi, 28, burnt. 
Brode, iv, 16, abroad. 
Brond, iv, 33; viii, 21, firebrand. 
Buffe, ii, 17; xi, 24, blow. 
Bugle, viii, 3, wild ox. 
Buxome, xi, 37, pliant, yielding. 
Bylive, ix, 4, quickly.


Call, viii, 46, cap, headdress. 
Can, iv, 46, an auxiliary verb with preterite meaning;
  ix, 5, can=gan, began (Halliwell). 
Canon, vii, 37, a smooth, round bit (for horses). 
Carefull, v, 52, etc., full of care, anxious, sorrowful. 
Careless, i, 41; ii, 45, free from care. 
Carke, i, 44, care, sorrow, anxiety. 
Carle, ix, 54, churl. 
Cast, x, 2; xi, 28, resolve, plan. 
Caytive, v, 45, captive; v, 11; viii, 32; ix, 11, base, mean. 
Chaufe, vii, 21, chafe, warm by rubbing; iii, 33, 43, vex, heat. 
Chaw, iv, 30, jaw. 
Chear, ii, 27, 42, face. 
Chearen, x, 2, regain cheerfulness, refresh (himself). 
Cleare, x, 28, clean. 
Cleene, ix, 4, clear, pure, bright. 
Compare, iv, 28, collect. 
Compel, i, 5, call to aid. 
Conceit, conception or design. 
Constraint, ii, 8, anguish; vii, 34, binding charms. 
Corage, ii, 35, heart. 
Corse, iii, 42; iv, 22, etc., body. 
Couch, ii, 15, lay (a lance in rest), level, adjust;
  couched xi, 9, laid in place (of armor plates). 
Couched, vii, 31, lying down with head up, ready to spring. 
Counterfesaunce, viii, 49, fraud, imposture. 
Court, vii, 38, courteous attention. 
Crime, x, 28, sin; xi, 46, cause. 
Cruddy, v, 29, clotted. 
Crudled, vii, 6; ix, 52, curdled, congealed (with cold). 
Cure, v, 44, charge.

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