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in the wildest confusion, and with outcries which rent the heavens, turned and fled.  “The God of the Christians has conquered,” exclaimed the Tartar chief, gnashing his teeth in despair.  The Tartars were hewed down by saber strokes from unexhausted arms, and trampled beneath the hoofs of the war horse.  The entire camp of the horde, with immense booty of tents, chariots, horses, camels, cattle and precious commodities of every kind, fell into the hands of the captors.

The valorous prince Vladimir, the hero of the day, returned to the field of battle, which his cavalry had swept like a tornado, and planting his banner upon a mound, with signal trumpets, summoned the whole victorious host to rally around it.  The princes, the nobles, from every part of the extended field, gathered beneath its folds.  But to their consternation, the grand prince, Dmitri, was missing.  Amidst the surgings of the battle he had disappeared, and was nowhere to be found.



From 1380 to 1462.

Recovery of Dmitri.—­New Tartar invasion.—­The Assault and Capture of Moscow.—­New Subjugation of the Russians.—­Lithuania Embraces Christianity.—­Escape of Vassali From the Horde.—­Death of Dmitri.—­Tamerlane—­His Origin and Career.—­His Invasion of India.—­Defeat of Bajazet.—­Tamerlane Invades Russia.—­Preparations for Resistance.—­Sudden Retreat of the Tartars.—­Death of Vassali.—­Accession of Vassali Vassilievitch.—­The Disputed Succession.—­Appeal to the Khan.—­Rebellion of Youri.—­Cruelty of Vassali.—­The Retribution.

“Where is my brother?” exclaimed Vladimir; “where is he to whom we are indebted for all this glory?” No one could give any information respecting Dmitri.  In the tumult he had disappeared.  Sadly the chieftains dispersed over the plain to search for him among the dead.  After a long exploration, two soldiers found him in the midst of a heap of the slain.  Stunned by a blow, he had fallen from his horse, and was apparently lifeless.  As with filial love they hung over his remains, bathing his bloody brow, he opened his eyes.  Gradually he recovered consciousness; and as he saw the indications of triumph in the faces of his friends, heard the words of assurance that he had gained the victory, and witnessed the Russian banners all over the field, floating above the dead bodies of the Tartars, in a transport of joy he folded his hands upon his breast, closed his eyes and breathed forth a fervent, grateful prayer to God.  The princes stood silently and reverently by, as their sovereign thus returned thanks to Heaven.

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