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Youri captures Moscow and deposes Vassili, 163.
  death of, 164.

Ysiaslaf I. (son of Yaroslaf) nominated emperor of Russia by his
  father, 61.
  troubles and flight of, 62.
  his reception in Poland, 63.
  his punishment of Kief, 63.
  flight of, to Germany, 63.
  implores aid of the Pope, 64.
  recovers his kingdom, 65.
  death of, 65.

Ysiaslaf II. seizes the throne of Russia, 78.
  conquers Sviatoslaf, 77.
  his address to the Novgorodians, 79.
  conquered by Georges, 80.
  flight of, to Smolensk, 80.
  varied fortunes of, 81.
  death of, 82.


Zerebrinow, routs the Turks at Azof, 259.

Zuski heads an insurrection, 282.
  elected emperor by the people, 283.
  death of, 286.

Transcriber’s Notes: 

Many place names are spelled differently in different locations in this book; in most cases, these variations in spelling have been retained.

There is a long list of corrections made to typos and spelling (to make the spelling of names consistent throughout the book): 

Table of Contents Chapter VI title:  “GHENGHIS KAHN” corrected to
Table of Contents Chapter VI description — “Ghenghis” corrected to
  “Genghis” twice. 
Table of Contents and Chapter heading — Chapter XIV: 
  “Conquest of Astruchan” corrected to “Conquest of Astrachan”.
  (city is spelled Astrachan consistently in the text.)
Table of Contents and Chapter heading — Chapter XV: 
  Changed “Zebrinow” to “Zerebrinow”.
  (as spelled in body text and index.)
Chapter II Heading — “Flight of Vladimer” — name corrected to “Vlademer”. 
Page 38:  Tribe “Drevlians” mis-spelled “Drevolians”. 
Page 39:  “generel” corrected to “general”. 
Chapter III Heading (Page 51), and Page 52:  “Valdemer” corrected
  to “Vlademer”. 
Page 64:  “consideraiton” corrected to “consideration”,
  also “Sain” to “Saint”. 
Page 94:  “assasinated” corrected to “assassinated”. 
Page 96:  “incribed” corrected to “inscribed”. 
Page 104:  “Yaroslave” corrected to “Yaroslavle”. 
Page 144:  “Pope Beniot XII” corrected to “Benoit”. 
Page 190:  “Guttenberg” corrected to “Gutenberg”. 
Page 197:  “neccessity” changed to “necessity”. 
Page 206:  “sufficent” changed to “sufficient”. 
Page 209:  “forgotton” corrected to “forgotten”. 
Page 237:  “Ghengis Khan” corrected to “Genghis”. 
Page 246:  “apppointed” corrected to “appointed”. 
Page 276:  “Erie XIV” corrected to “Eric” (King of Sweden). 
Page 335:  “Stanislaus Leczinsky” corrected to “Leszczynski”. 
Page 359:  “difficuly” corrected to “difficulty”. 
Page 373:  “Adolpus Frederic” corrected to “Adolphus Frederic”
  (King of Sweden). 
Page 421:  “acceptd” corrected to “accepted”. 
Page 427:  “slide door” corrected

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