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  Yaroslaf, prince of Kief, ascends the throne of, 123.
  in the power of Bati, 125.
  annihilated as a kingdom, 126. 
  Dmitri ascends the throne of, 133. 
  Andre ascends the throne of, 133.
  ceases to be a monarchy, 135.
  evils to, resulting from the death of Andre, 136. 
  Michel succeeds Andre, 136. 
  Georges of Moscow succeeds Michel, 140. 
  Alexander succeeds Georges, 141. 
  Jean Danielovitch succeeds Alexander, 142. 
  Simeon succeeds Danielovitch, 143.
  accession of Ivanovitch, 146.
  accession of Dmitri of Souzdal, 146.
  accession of Dmitri of Moscow, 146.
  again brought under Tartar rule, 155. 
  Vassali ascends the throne of, 156. 
  Vassali Vassalievitch ascends the throne of, 162. 
  Ivan III. ascends the throne of, 168.
  rise of, in estimation of Europe, 172.
  invaded by the Mogols, 177.
  alliance of, with Hungary, 183. 
  Vassili ascends the throne of, 191.
  splendor of the court of, 199.
  invaded by Sigismond, 205. 
  Helene assumes the regency of, 204. 
  Vassali Schouisky succeeds Helene in, 208. 
  Ivan Schouisky succeeds Vassali, 208. 
  Ivan Belsky chosen regent of, 209. 
  Ivan IV. ascends the throne of, 214.
  news of the discovery of, arrives in England, 246.
  commerce with England, 247.
  the first embassador from, 248. 
  Livonia attached to, 253.
  peril of, 265. 
  Feodor ascends the throne of, 270. 
  Boris Gudenow crowned, 276. 
  Griska crowned king of, 280. 
  Zuski elected emperor of, 283. 
  Ladislaus elected king of, 285. 
  Romanow elected emperor of, 287. 
  Alexis succeeds Romanow, 291. 
  Feodor succeeds Alexis, 299. 
  Sophia, as regent for Ivan, succeeds Feodor, 303. 
  Peter succeeds Sophia, 310. 
  Catharine I. succeeds Peter I., 364. 
  Peter II. succeeds Catharine I., 365. 
  Anne succeeds Peter II., 367. 
  Ivan V. succeeds Anne, 368. 
  Elizabeth succeeds Ivan V., 369. 
  Peter III. succeeds Elizabeth, 377. 
  Catharine II., accession of, 403.
  desolation of, by the Plague, 419.
  vast wealth of the court of, 420.
  judicial divisions of, 431.
  difficulties between Turkey and, 438. 
  Paul I. succeeds Catharine II., 454
  Alexander succeeds Paul I., 471.
  absence of bookstores in, 475.
  treaty between France and, 476. 
  Nicholas succeeds Alexander I., 502.
  extent of the territory of, 506. 
  Alexander II. succeeds Nicholas, 517.

Russians, description of the early, 23.
  their mode of warfare, 23.
  retreat of the, before Akhmet, 181.

“Russian Justice,” the code called, drawn by Yaroslaf, 62.


Samarcande destroyed by the Tartars, 116.

Sarmatia, Scythian name changed to, 18.

Scandinavians, called also Normans, 23. 
  See also Normans.

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