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Porphyrogenete, the emperor of Constantinople, 43.

Pugatshef, conspiracy of, 427.
  execution of, 429.

Pultowa, battle of, 339.
  festival, 346.


Religion of the Sclavonians, 26.

Republicanism, first indication of, 131.

Rogneda, refusal of, to marry Vlademer, 51.
  forced to marry Vlademer, 52.

Roman (prince of Smolensk) appointed prince of Novgorod, 92.

Romanow (Michael Feodor) elected emperor, 287.
  marriage of, 290.
  prosperous reign, and death, 291.

Rome purchases peace of the Sarmatians, 18.

Romish Church, its dominion over the Greek church, 102

Rostislaf succeeds to the throne of Russia, 18.
  driven from the throne by Georges, 82.
  expels Davidovitch from the throne, 83.
  death of, 86.

Rostof burned by Georges, 104.

Rovgolod (governor of Polotsk) his daughter demanded by Vlademer, 51.
  death of, 52.

Rurik, Sineous, and Truvor, consent to govern Scandinavia, 27.
  unites the territories of his brothers to his own, 28.
  death of, 30.
  his crown descends to Igor, his son, 30.

Rurik (brother of Andre) appointed prince of Novgorod, 92.

Russia, history of, 17.
  after disappearance of the Huns, 21.
  earliest reliable information of, 23.
  sudden rise of, from the Sclavonians, 26.
  derivation of the name of, 27.
  confusion of, in consequence of the death of Sviatoslaf, 49.
  united under Yaropolk, 50.
  years of pence under Vlademer, 57.
  division of the empire of, 57.
  calamity to, by the death of Yaroslaf, 62.
  death penalty abolished in, 66.
  misery and suffering in, 66. 
  Vsevolod succeeds Ysiaslaf in the government of, 66. 
  Sviatopolk assumes crown of, 59.
  abandoned to destruction, 69. 
  Monomaque offered crown of, 70.
  invaded by the Caspian hordes, 72. 
  Mstislaf becomes emperor of, 75.
  famine and pestilence in, 76.
  throne of, seized by Viatcheslaf, 77.
  throne of, seized by Vsevolod, 77.
  throne of, demised to Igor, 78.
  varied fortunes of, 81. 
  Rostislaf succeeds Ysiaslaf in the government of, 81. 
  Georges secures the throne of, 82. 
  Mstislaf Ysiaslavitch succeeds Rostislaf as emperor of, 86.
  union of the princes of, 87.
  old feuds in, revived, 88.
  fall of the capital of, 89. 
  Andre succeeds Mstislaf Ysiaslavitch as emperor of, 89. 
  Andre becomes monarch of, 95. 
  Michel offered the throne of, 97. 
  Michel’s reign over, 98.
  accession of Vsevelod III., 98. 
  Georges ascends the throne of, 104.
  famine in, 105. 
  Constantine ascends throne of, 108. 
  Georges II. ascends throne of, 109.
  recapitulation of the establishment of the monarchy of, 110.
  subdivision of, 111. 

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