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Peregeslavetz, reconquered, and made the capital by Sviatoslaf, 48.

Periaslavle, battle of the city of, 80.

Peroune, one of the gods of the Russians, 41.
  the idol of, destroyed, 55.

Petchenegues, Igor purchases peace with the, 39. 
  Sviatoslaf defeated by the, 49.

Peter I. (the Great) marriage of, 309.
  attempted assassination of, 309.
  his return to Moscow, 310.
  indications of greatness, 311.
  his passion for the ocean, 312.
  settles Chinese difficulties, 314.
  captures Azof, 315.
  resolves to travel incognito, 316.
  his attack on La Fort, 317.
  his residence at Zaandam, 318
  his recognition, 319.
  anecdotes of, 320.
  his thirst for knowledge, 321.
  visit to London, 322.
  return to Moscow, 325.
  his reforms in the church, 326.
  change of the calendar, 327.
  troubles of, with Sweden, 328.
  coolness on hearing of the defeat of his army, 329.
  founds St. Petersburg, 332.
  captures Marienburg, 333.
  meets Catharine and privately marries her, 333.
  defeats Charles XII., 339.
  demands of, on Queen Anne, 341.
  reply of Anne to, 342.
  captures Livonia, 342.
  desperate condition of, 343.
  public marriage of, 345.
  journeys of, 346.
  residence in Paris, 349.
  letters of, to Alexis, 351.
  arraigns his son for high treason, 356.
  effects a peace with Sweden, 360.
  causes coronation of Catharine, 361.
  death of, 362.
  inscription on the tomb of, 368.
  statue erected to, 440.

Peter II., regency of, 365.
  death of, 366.

Peter III., succeeds Elizabeth, 377.
  early life of, and acquaintance with Catharine, 380.
  determines to repudiate Catharine, 390.
  alarm of, on the escape of Catharine, 395.
  abject humiliation of, 398.
  abdication of, 399.
  assassination of, 402.

Peterhoff, the palace of, 504.

Philip (of Macedon) conquers the Scythians, 18.

Plague, devastations of the, 419.

Poland, aid from, to Ysiaslaf, 80. 
  Stephen Bathori elected king, 261.
  demands of, on Russia, 264.
  conquests of, 255.
  conquests of Alexis in, 295.
  death of the king of, 298. 
  John Sobieski chosen king of, 298. 
  Stanislaus Leczinsky placed on the throne of, 335.
  degeneration of, 414.
  sliced by Russia, Austria and Prussia, 420.
  rebellion in, 513.

Poles, rise of the, 513.

Polotsk, captured by Vlademer, 52.

Polovtsi, the nation of, 123.

Pope (Gregory VII.) promises to assist Ysiaslaf, 64.
  letter of, to Ysiaslaf, 64.
  letter of, to the king of Poland, 65.

Pope (Innocent III.) his letter to the Russian clergy, 102.

Poppel (Nicholas) visit of, to Russia, 184.
  solicits the daughter of Ivan for Albert of Baden, 184.

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