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Leczinsky (Stanislaus) placed on the Polish throne, 335.

Leon (of Constantine) imbecility of, 35.

Library, foundation of the royal, of St. Petersburg, 345.

Lippenow (Zachary) puts the Polish garrison to death, 287.

London, Peter the Great’s visit to, 322.

London Postman, extract from the, 322.


Macedon, see Philip of.

Machmet, flattery of Jean to, 162.

Mahomet II., wars with Genghis Khan, 116.
  death of, 116.

Marcow (Russian embassador) ordered to leave France, 476.

Maria (wife of Vsevolod III.) character of, 102.

Marriage, singular customs in, 289.

Martyrs, Ivan and Theodore, the first Christians, 53.

Menzikoff, sketch of the life of, 336.
  banished by Frederic II., 366.
  death of, 366.

Michael III. (of Constantinople), 29.

Michel (of Tchernigof, son of Monomaque) offered the throne of
  Russia, 97.
  his reign and death, 98.

Michel (of Tver) succeeds Andre on the throne of Russia, 136.
  presents himself before the Tartar horde, 138.
  execution of, 140.

Missionaries sent through Russia to teach Christianity, 56.

Mogols, character of the, 113.
  civilization of the, 143.

Moldavia, the inhabitants of, 83.

Monarchy, recapitulation of the Russian, 110;
  see Chronology.

Monomaque offered the Russian crown, 70.
  he declines it, 71.
  goes to the rescue of Kief, 71.
  his expeditions to extend the empire, 72.
  sons of, 72.
  conquers the invaders from the Caspian Sea, 72.
  expedition against Greece, 72.
  “golden bonnet” of, 73.
  death of, 73.
  parting letter of, to his children, 74.
  wife of, 75.

Moroson, ambitious schemes of, 291.
  marriage of, 292.

Moscow, first historical mention of, 79.
  supremacy of, 83.
  capture of, 89.
  burned, 98.
  captured by Bati, 120.
  flight of Georges II. from, 121.
  becomes the capital, 142.
  burned by the Tartars, 154.
  appearance of, in 1520, 202.
  destroyed by fire, 218.
  grand fete at, 239.
  destroyed by the Tartars, 261.
  burned by the Poles, 287.

Mstislaf (son of Monomaque) his expeditions and victories, 72.
  succeeds his father, 75.
  death of, 76.

Mstislaf Ysiaslavitch, succeeds Rostislaf over Russia, 86.
  proclamation of, 87.
  flight of, from Kief, 89.
  return to Kief, 89.
  death of, 90.

Mstislaf (son of Andre) ambition of, 90.
  summoned Novgorod to surrender, 91.
  defeat of, 91.

Mstislaf (prince of Galitch) appears in public, 105.
  aids Constantine, 105.
  defeats Georges, 106.
  beaten by the Tartars, 117.

Munich (General) advice of, to Peter, 395.
  appearance of, before Catharine, 401.

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