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Gostomysle raises an embassy to visit the Normans, 27.

Goths, devastation of the, 19.
  empire of the, 20.
  suicide of Hermanric, king of the, 20.

Greece, overrun by the Avars, 22.
  invaded by Monomaque, 72.

Greek Church, declared to be the best, 53.

Greeks, colonies of the, on the Bosporus, 17.
  coalesce with the Bulgarians and expel Sviatoslaf, 48.

Gregory VII., see Pope.

Griska assumes to be prince Dmitri, and invades Russia, 278.
  crowned emperor, 280.
  perplexities of, 281.
  marriage of, by proxy, 281.
  death of, 283. 
  Polish adventurer claims to be, 284.
  hung at Moscow, 286.

Gudenow (Boris) his supremacy over Feodor, 271.
  assassinates Dmitri, 274.
  his subterfuge to obtain the throne, 275.
  crowned emperor, 276.

Gustavus III., interview of Catharine with, 443.

Gyda, wife of Monomaque, 75.


Helene appointed regent of Ivan IV., 204.
  despotic atrocities of, 204.
  death of, 207.

Hellespont, origin of the name, 507.

Henry IV. (of Germany) solicited to aid Ysiaslaf, 63.

Henry (prince of Prussia) visits Catharine, 414.
  schemes of, with Catharine, 417.

Hereditary Descent the cause of war, 112.

Hermanric, suicide of king, 20.

Hermitage, description of the, 416.

Herodotus, his account of the interior of Russia, 17.

Holy Alliance, formation of the, 493.

Hungary, aid from, sent to Ysiaslaf, 80.
  alliance of, with Russia, 183.
  revolt of, against Austria, 513.

Huns, Russia devastated by the, 20.
  revolting appearance of the, 20.

Huns, Attila, king of the, 21.
  disappearance of the, 21.


Idols, the Greek and Sclavonian, 26.
  destruction of the, in Russia, 55.

Igor, assumes the government of Russia under the guardianship
  of Oleg, 30.
  fears to claim his crown, 32.
  his love and marriage, 33.
  assumes the government of Russia, 38.
  attack on Constantinople, 39.
  his defeat by the Greeks, 39.
  second attack on Constantinople, 40.
  concludes treaty with the Greeks, 40.
  death of, 41.

Igor II. receives throne of Russia, 78.
  made prisoner, 78.
  enters a convent, 78.
  assassination of, 79.

Ilmen, army on the shores of the lake of, 80.

Impostor, see Griska.

Inventions during the reign of Ivan III., 190.

Ivan III. ascends the throne, 168.
  early marriage of, 168.
  captures Kezan, 170.
  affianced to Sophia of Greece, 174.
  marriage of, 175.
  his reforms, 176.
  letter of Vassian to, 179.
  proposals for the marriage of his daughter, 185.
  letter of, to Sultan Bajazet II., 186.
  letter of the Sultan to, 188.
  death of the wife of, 189.
  marriage of the son of, 189.
  death of, 189.
  discoveries and inventions during the reign of, 190.

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