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Dmitry declines the throne, 131.

Drevliens, debasement of the tribe of, 25.
  revolt of the, against Igor, 38.
  their punishment and enthusiasm of, for Olga, 42.

Droutsk burned by Yaropolk, 73.


Eastern Question, the cause of the present war of the, 507.

Ecclesiastical Council called to rectify evils in the church, 132.

Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great) conspiracy of, 368.
  seizes the throne, 369.
  victories of, over Frederic of Prussia, 375.
  death of, 377.
  character of, 378.

Embassador of Andre insulted, 92.
  the first from Russia, 248.

Emigration of Russians to the mouth of the Volga, 97.

Emperors, see Russia and Chronology.

England, influence of, in Europe, 244.
  amicable arrangement of Russia with, 249.
  friendship between Russia and, 248.

Entertainment, description of a royal, 415.

Etiquette, laws of, as to young ladies, 203.

Eylau, battle of, 483.


Famine in Russia, 105.

Feodor (son of Ivan IV.) ascends the throne, 270.
  his incapacity, 273.
  death of, 274.

Feodor (son of Alexis) ascends throne, 299.
  makes peace with Poland, 300.
  marriage of, 301.
  death of, 302.

Feudal System, implanting of the, 28.


Genghis Khan, pretended divine authority of, 115.
  irruption into China, 115.
  burns Bokhara, 116.
  recalls his troops from Russia, 118.
  death of, 118.
  nominates Octai as his successor, 118. 
  See Temoutchin.

George (son of Andre) sent embassador to Novgorod, 92.
  returns to Moscow, 94.

Georges (son of Monomaque) expedition of, to Bulgaria, 72.

Georges (of Moscow) assists Sviatoslaf, 79.
  enters Kief in triumph, 80.
  drives Rostislaf from the throne, 81.
  death of, 81.

Georges I. (brother of Vsevolod) ascends the Russian throne, 104.
  burns Rostof, 104.
  defeated by Mstislaf, 106.
  surrenders himself to Mstislaf, and exiled, 108.
  disappears from history, 108.

Georges II. ascends throne of Russia, 109.
  attacks Ochel, 109.
  founds Nijni Novgorod, 110.
  death of, 122.

Georges III (of Moscow) obtains assistance from the Tartars, 136.
  defeated by Michel, 137.
  secures the throne, 140.
  assassination of, 140.

Georgievitch (of Souzdal) Davidovitch seeks aid from, 83.
  his system of government, 84.

Ghirei (Devlet) character of, 251.

Gleb (prince of Minsk) takes Sloutsk, 73.
  capture and death of, 73.

Gleb left in possession of Kief; flight of, 89.

Gordon (General) entrusted with the royal troops, 317.

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