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  her education of her children, 439.
  erection of the statue to Peter the Great by, 439.
  seizes the Crimea, 441.
  secures peace with Turkey, 444.
  toleration of, 445.
  her journey to the Crimea, 448.
  makes war on Poland. 451.
  death of, 452.
  character of, 453.

Chanceller (Captain) voyage of, 245.

Charles XII. (of Sweden) ascends the throne, 328.
  conquers the Russians, 329.
  drives Augustus from Poland, 335.
  wounded, 338.
  utter defeat of, 339.
  escape of, from Turkey, 346.
  death of, 360.

Chemyaka, see Dmitri.

Cherson, church built at, in commemoration of the baptism of
  Vladimir, 55.

Children, the female allowed to be killed, 24.

China, irruption of the Tartars into, 115.

Christians, persecution of the, by the Tartars, 136.

Christianity, its entrance into Russia, 29.
  diffusion of, into Souzdal, 83.
  attempts of Andre to extend, 96.

Chronology of Russia:  Rurik, Sineous and Truvor jointly rule
  over Russia, 27. 
  Rurik succeeds Sineous and Truvor, 28. 
  Ascolod and Dir reign over a portion of Russia, 29. 
  Oleg succeeds Ascolod and Dir, 31. 
  Igor succeeds Oleg, 38. 
  Olga succeeds Oleg, 42. 
  Sviatoslaf succeeds Olga, 45. 
  Yaropolk succeeds Olga, 50. 
  Vladimir succeeds Yaropolk, 52. 
  Sviatopolk succeeds Vladimir, 59. 
  Yaroslaf succeeds Sviatopolk, 60. 
  Vseslaf succeeds Yaroslaf, 62. 
  Ysiaslaf succeeds Vseslaf, 63. 
  Vsevolod succeeds Ysiaslaf, 66. 
  Sviatopolk succeeds Vsevolod, 69. 
  Monomaque succeeds Sviatopolk, 71. 
  Mstislaf succeeds Monomaque, 75. 
  Vladimirovitch succeeds Mstislaf, 77. 
  Vsevolod succeeds Vladimirovitch, 77. 
  Igor succeeds Vsevolod, 78. 
  Ysiaslaf succeeds Igor, 78. 
  Rostislaf succeeds Ysiaslaf, 81. 
  Georges succeeds Rostislaf, 81. 
  Davidovitch succeeds Georges, 82. 
  Rostislaf succeeds Davidovitch, 83. 
  Georgievitch succeeds Rostislaf, 84. 
  Mstislaf Ysiaslavitch succeeds Georgievitch, 86. 
  Andre succeeds Mstislaf, 89. 
  Michel succeeds Andre, 97. 
  Vsevolod succeeds Michel, 100. 
  Georges succeeds Vsevolod, 104. 
  Octai succeeds Georges, 125. 
  Bati succeeds Octai, 127. 
  Dmitri of Moscow secures the throne, 146. 
  Tamerlane succeeds Dmitri, 155. 
  Ivan III. throws off the Mogol power, 172. 
  Vassili succeeds Ivan III., 191. 
  Helene (as regent) succeeds Vassili, 205. 
  Schouisky (as regent) succeeds Helene, 208. 
  Ivan Belsky (as regent) succeeds Schouisky, 209. 
  Ivan IV. seizes his throne, 214. 
  Feodor succeeds Ivan IV., 270. 
  Boris succeeds Feodor, 275. 
  Feodor II. succeeds Boris, 279. 
  Dmitri succeeds Feodor II., 280. 
  Zuski succeeds Dmitri, 283. 
  Michel Feodor Romanow elected king, 287. 

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