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Astrachan added to Russia, 244.

Athens taken by the Goths, 19.

Attila the king of the Huns, conquests of, 21.

Avars, conquests of the, 22.

Aristocracy, gradual rise of an, 25.


Bajazet II., letter of Ivan to, 186.
  reply of, 188.

Baptism of the Russian nation in a day, 56.
  in Lithuania, 155.

Barbarians, punishment of the, 87.

Bathori (Stephen) elected King of Poland, 262.

Bati given the command of the Tartar horde, 119.
  depopulates Rezdan, 119.
  captures Moscow, 120.
  takes and burns Vladimir, 122.
  disastrous course of, 123.
  plunders Kief, 124.
  possessions of, 125.
  orders Yaroslaf to appear before him, 125.
  summons Alexander, 127.
  death of, 128. 
  Berki succeeds, 128.

Bayadour, chief of the Mogols, 113.

Beards ordered to be removed, 327.

Belsky (Ivan) elected regent of Russia, 209.
  reforms of, 209.
  assassination of, 212.

Bielo (Ozero Sineous) establishes his court at, 27.

Bielski (Bogdan) his attempt to grasp the throne, 270.
  his exile, 271.

“Black Death,” ravages of the, 144.

Bohemia, aid from, to Ysiaslaf, 80.

Bokhara burned by the Tartars, 116.

Boleslas, (King of Poland) assists Sviatopolk to defeat Yaroslaf, 59.
  seizes the sister of Yaroslaf as his concubine, 59.
  attempt to poison, 59.
  forced to fly from Kief, 59.

Boleslas II. (of Poland) reception of Ysiaslaf by, 63.
  robs Ysiaslaf and expels him, 63.
  refunds the treasure, 65.

Bosporus, the Greeks plant their colonies along the shore of
  the, 17.

Bulgaria conquered by Sviatoslaf, 46.
  the capital conveyed from Kief to, 48.
  conquered by Georges, 72.
  condition of, 100;
    expedition against, 101.


Caucasus, the eagles of the Russians planted on the, 18.

Catharine I., first appearance of, 333.
  public marriage of, with Peter, 345.
  crowned empress, 361.
  assumes the government, 364.
  death of, 365.

Catharine II., early life of, 380.
  autobiography of, 381.
  seizes the throne, 392.
  manifesto of, on the death of Peter III., 403.
  her labors and reforms, 404.
  administration of, 405.
  urged by her ministers to marry, 407.
  numerous titles of, 409.

Catharine II., attempt to assassinate, 410.
  inoculation of, 413.
  entertainments of, 415.
  her schemes with Henry, Prince of Prussia, 417.
  conquers the Turks, 418.
  correspondence of, 422.
  peace with Turkey effected by, 425.
  personal appearance of, 426.
  conspiracy against, 427.
  interview of, with Joseph II., 437.

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