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Adachef, (Alexis) appointed minister of justice, 223.

Adrianople, Treaty of, 513.

Akhmet, Defiant reply of, to Ivan, 178.

Alains, character and life of the, 19.

Alexander succeeds Yaroslaf over Novgorod, 127.
  ordered to attend Bati, 127.
  appointed King of Southern Russia, 128.
  his reply to the Pope, 128.
  conciliates Berki, 128.

Alexander (Nevsky) puts down a rebellion headed by his son, 129.
  death of, 129. 
  Yaroslaf of Tiver succeeds, 130.

Alexander (son of Michel) ascends the throne, 141.
  outlawed by Usbeck, 142.
  flight and death of, 142.

Alexander I., grief of, on the assassination of Paul, 471.
  re-establishes friendly relations with England, 473.
  regulations of, 474.
  message of, to Napoleon, 477.
  defeat of, at Austerlitz, 479
  his interview with the embassador of Napoleon, 480.
  defeat at Eylau, 484.
  implores peace, 487.
  his admiration for Napoleon, 487.
  forced to turn against Napoleon, 492.
  magnanimity towards Napoleon, 493.
  death of, 497.

Alexander II. succeeds Nicholas on the throne, 517.
  character of, 518.

Alexis succeeds Romanow, 291.
  marriage of, 292.
  his concessions to the mob, 294.
  his conquests in Poland, 295.
  good works of, 296.
  death of, 299.

Alexis (son of Peter the Great) bad character of, 343.
  marriage of, 344.
  letters from, to his father, 351.
  flight of, 352.
  disinherited by his father, 354.
  plots against the crown, 355.
  condemned to death, 358.
  death of, 359.

America, discovery of, by the Normans, 23

Amiens, treaty of, 476.

Anastasia, death of, 255.

Andre (of Souzdal) usurps the Russian throne, 88.
  moderation of, 92.
  submission of, 95.
  homage of Russia to, 95.
  assassination of, 96.
  sword of, 96.
  abolishes appanages, 111.

Andre (of Gorodetz) dethrones his brother Dmitri, 133.
  succeeds Dmitri as sovereign, 134.
  death of, 135.

Anne (of Constantinople) forced to marry Vladimir, 55. 
  Christian influence of, over her husband, 57.
  death of, 58.

Anne (of England) letter of, to Peter the Great. 342.

Anne (Duchess of Courland) offered the throne, 366.
  energy of, 367.
  death of, 368.

Anecdote of the preservation of the Greek libraries, 19.
  of the love of Igor, 32.
  of the Tartar’s theology, 127.
  of Vassili and the Greek physician, 201.
  of Peter the Great, 311.
  of Peter the Great, 320.
  of Peter III., 385.

Appanages abolished by Andre, 111.

Ascolod and Dir, enterprise and conquests of, 29.
  conversion of, 29.
  assassination of, 31.

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