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DEAR SIR:—­It is with extreme pleasure that I set down to inclose you a few lines to let you know that I am well & I hope when these few lines come to hand they may find you & your family in good health and prosperity I left your house Nov. 3d, 1857, for Canada I Received a letter here from James Carter in Peters burg, saying that my wife would leave there about the 28th or the first September and that he would send her on by way of Philadelphia to you to send on to Montreal if she come on you be please to send her on and as there is so many boats coming here all times a day I may not know what time she will.  So you be please to give her this direction, she can get a cab and go to the Donegana Hotel and Edmund Turner is there he will take you where I lives and if he is not there cabman take you to Mr Taylors on Durham St. nearly opposite to the Methodist Church.  Nothing more at present but Remain your well wisher


C. Hitchens.—­This individual took his departure from Milford, Del., where he was owned by Wm. Hill, a farmer, who took special delight in having “fighting done on the place.”  This passenger was one of our least intelligent travelers.  He was about 22.

Major Ross.—­Major fled from John Jay, a farmer residing in the neighborhood of Havre de Grace, Md.  But for the mean treatment received from Mr. Jay, Major might have been foolish enough to have remained all his days in chains.  “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.”

Henry Oberne.—­Henry was to be free at 28, but preferred having it at 21, especially as he was not certain that 28 would ever come.  He is of chestnut color, well made, &c., and came from Seaford, Md.

Perry Burton.—­Perry is about twenty-seven years of age, decidedly colored, medium size, and only of ordinary intellect.  He acknowledged John R. Burton, a farmer on Indian River, as his master, and escaped because he wanted “some day for himself.”

Alfred Hubert, Israel Whitney and John Thompson.  Alfred is of powerful muscular appearance and naturally of a good intellect.  He is full dark chestnut color, and would doubtless fetch a high price.  He was owned by Mrs. Matilda Niles, from whom he had hired his time, paying $110 yearly.  He had no fault to find with his mistress, except he observed she had a young family growing up, into whose hands he feared he might unluckily fall some day, and saw no way of avoiding it but by flight.  Being only twenty-eight, he may yet make his mark.

Israel was owned by Elijah Money.  All that he could say in favor of his master was, that he treated him “respectfully,” though he “drank hard.”  Israel was about thirty-six, and another excellent specimen of an able-bodied and wide-awake man.  He hired his time at the rate of $120 a year, and had to find his wife and child in the bargain.  He came from Alexandria, Va.


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