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Though he said he had no special complaint to make against his old master, through whom he, with the rest of the slaves, hoped to obtain freedom, Aaron, nevertheless, spoke of him as a man of violent temper, severe on his slaves, drinking hard, etc., though he was a man of wealth and stood high in the community.  One of Aaron’s brothers, and others, had been sold South by him.  It was on account of his inveterate hatred of his son-in-law, who, he declared, should never have his property (having no other heir but his niece, except his widow), that the slaves relied on his promise to free them.  Thus, in view of the facts referred to, Aaron was led to commit the unpardonable sin of running away with his wife Daffney, who, by the way, looked like a woman fully capable of taking care of herself and children, instead of having them stolen away from her, as though they were pigs.

Joseph Viney and family—­Joseph was “held to service or labor,” by Charles Bryant, of Alexandria, Va.  Joseph had very nearly finished paying for himself.  His wife and children were held by Samuel Pattison, Esq., a member of the Methodist Church, “a great big man,” “with red eyes, bald head, drank pretty freely,” and in the language of Joseph, “wouldn’t bear nothing.”  Two of Joseph’s brothers-in-law had been sold by his master.  Against Mrs. Pattison his complaint was, that “she was mean, sneaking, and did not want to give half enough to eat.”

For the enlightenment of all Christendom, and coming posterity especially, the following advertisement and letter are recorded, with the hope that they will have an important historical value.  The writer was at great pains to obtain these interesting documents, directly after the arrival of the memorable Twenty-Eight; and shortly afterwards furnished to the New York Tribune, in a prudential manner, a brief sketch of these very passengers, including the advertisements, but not the letter.  It was safely laid away for history—­

$2,000 REWARD.—­Ran away from the subscriber on Saturday night, the 24th inst, FOURTEEN HEAD OF NEGROES, viz:  Four men, two women, one boy and seven children.  KIT is about 35 years of age, five feet six or seven inches high, dark chestnut color, and has a scar on one of his thumbs.  JOE is about 30 years old, very black, his teeth are very white, and is about five feet eight inches high.  HENRY is about 22 years old, five feet ten inches high, of dark chestnut color and large front teeth.  JOE is about 20 years old, about five feet six inches high, heavy built and black.  TOM is about 16 years old, about five feet high, light chestnut color.  SUSAN is about 35 years old, dark chestnut color, and rather stout built; speaks rather slow, and has with her FOUR CHILDREN, varying from one to seven years of age.  LEAH is about 28 years old, about five feet high, dark chestnut color, with THREE CHILDREN, two boys and one girl, from one to eight years old.

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