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William Still
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of the relations of the two races in this country, shall have passed from the vortex of political strife and social prejudice, and taken its place among the ethical axioms of a Christian civilization, then this faithful account of some of the darkest and some of the brightest incidents in our history—­this cyclopaedia of all the virtues and all the vices of humanity—­will be accepted as a most valuable contribution to the annals of one of the important eras of the world.”

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“It is a remarkable book in many respects.  Like the ’Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin,’ by Mrs. Stowe, it reveals many of the most thrilling personal dramas and tragedies in the entire history of slavery.  That ’truth is stranger than fiction’ has hundreds of striking illustrations in this volume, which is a narrative of facts, the records of which were kept by Mr. Still, and are the only records in existence of the famous organization known as the Underground Railroad.  It was established for the purpose of aiding slaves to escape from their masters in the South, but its operations were so mysterious and secret that, although everybody knew and spoke vaguely of its existence during the time of slavery, yet none but the initiated knew the secrets of its management and operations.  These are now revealed for the first time in this work, and are as strange and wonderful as the most absorbing pictures of romance.”

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There has been no such work produced by any colored man in the country.  “My Bondage and my Freedom,” by Douglass, was a remarkable book, and was justly appreciated by the liberty-loving people of the North and of England, but it was the story of a single hero.  Comparatively, the same may be said of the lives of Jermain Logan and others.  But all these were but the exploits of individuals.  The work of Mr. Still, however, takes a broader scope.  It is the story of scores of heroes—­heroes that equalled Douglass in nerve, and Logan in tact, and excelled either in thrilling adventure.

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“It is a big book in manner, matter, and spirit; the biggest book America has yet written.  It is our ‘Book of Martyrs,’ and William Still is our Fox the Chronicler.  It is the ‘thousand witnesses’ of Theodore Weld, enlarged and intensified.  It is more than Uncle Tom, Wilson’s ‘History of the Anti-slavery War,’ or the hundred histories of the war itself....

“The book is well illustrated with portraits of the railroad managers, and with scenes taken from life, and is far the most entertaining and instructive story ever issued from the American press.  Everybody should buy, read, and transmit to his children these annals of our heroic age.”

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