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William Still
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My official engagements and private duties have prevented me from reading your work on THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD, throughout.  But such portions as I have had time to read, convince me that as a stimulus to noble effort it has much value.  It is also a grand monument of the past struggles of the Angel Spirit of Liberty with the Demon of American Slavery.  It serves also as a Beacon Light for our future progress in the upward movement.  It deserves a wide circulation through the Republic.

* * * * *

“I cheerfully endorse the above.”

S.M.D.  WARD. (Bishop A.M.E.  Church.)

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The book must strike everyone who sees it as one of very commendable appearance; and to everyone who reads it, it must commend itself as one of remarkable interest.  It is a work which cannot fail to reflect an unusual credit upon the care, industry and sterling ability of its author.

All hail to you, my dear fellow, for your success.  When nearly four years ago you spoke often to me about your project of writing this book, I always told you I thought it would prove a success; but I tell you now, candidly, that although I never for a moment doubted your peculiar fitness to prepare such a work, yet I feared that when you came to see the time, industry, care and patience, which it would require aside from your pressing everyday business cares and perplexities, you might stop at the foot of the mountain and abandon the tedious ascent.  But you have actually made the ascent and stand now on the top of the mountain.  Hurrah for my old friend Still!  Hurrah!  Hurrah!!  Hurrah!!!

* * * * *


In his singularly and creditably brief preface, Mr. Still sincerely disclaims literary pretension; but creditable as is this to the author, we may say that the work is in style excellent reading, and that if it were not so, the narratives themselves are so thrilling, possess such a heart-reaching interest, that if these were literary crudities, they would be entirely placed in the background in the concentrated blaze of light which the author pours upon the bloody pathway of these victims of injustice, from 1851, when the terrors of the Fugitive Slave Law began, to the hour when Slavery and Rebellion were washed out in blood, together.

We have not space for a reprint of one of these interesting histories, but we are personally acquainted with the “facts” as related by Mr. Still, and the persons involved, and can attest the truth of the statements made.  Some of these parties we have met in their flight, others in their temporary sojourn in the then so-called Free States; others we knew (Harriet Tubman and Moses among them) in their latest and safest refuge, (Canada,) under the protection

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