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William Still
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And again, in a letter to the same paper, Mr. Forney says: 

* * * * “A coincidence even more romantic is soon to be revealed in the pages of the remarkable book of Wm. Still, of Philadelphia, entitled ‘THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD,’ referred to in my last.  Mr. Still kept a careful memorandum of the sufferings and trials of his race during the existence of the ‘Fugitive Slave Law,’ in the belief that they would be instructive to his posterity, rather than from any hope of the overthrow of the revolting system of human servitude * * * he resolved to spread before the world this unprecedented experience.  When his book appears, it will accomplish more than one object.  Interesting to the literary world, it will undoubtedly facilitate the reunion of other colored families long divided, long sought for, and perhaps to this day strangers to each other. * * * * The volume containing this and other equally romantic yet truthful stories will soon be out, and, my word for it, no book of the times will be more eagerly read or more profitably remembered.

* * * * *

The San Francisco Elevator says: 

* * * * “Mr. Still is one of the pioneers of ’THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD’ in Philadelphia, where he still resides.  He has aided more slaves to escape than any other man, Bishop Lougan, of Syracuse, perhaps excepted. * * * * We hope his book will have a wide circulation, as it will be a valuable addition to the history of the anti-slavery struggle such as no other man can write.

* * * * *

Having been, during many years, associated with WILLIAM STILL, in laboring for the abolition of American slavery, we heartily bear our testimony to his abundant opportunities for acquiring information relative to the subject of this book; and to his vigilance and fidelity in all the departments of anti-slavery work in which he was engaged, and especially in that department usually called “THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD.”

We gladly avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our confidence in his ability to present to the public an authentic and interesting history of this enterprise.

Prominent Members of the Anti-Slavery Society.





    E.M.  DAVIS,









    J.K.  WILDMAN,


Certainly no volume ever met with higher or more extensive endorsement.  From the time the author announced his intention to prepare a book from his notes and records until it was given to the public, it was the subject of favorable comment by leading minds of the country, without reference to race.  Since its publication it has received the endorsement of the Press generally, and of Statesmen, Preachers, Lawyers, Doctors, Students, in fact men of all ranks.

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